Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance for Teachers, Lecturers and Educational Consultants

Our teachers' liability insurance scheme has been specially developed to protect the increasing numbers of teachers and lecturers who provide private tuition, lecturing or coaching outside of their main employment. Liability cover is also available for most types of educational consultants, including those operating limited companies.

Professional Negligence

Many teachers undertake private work (effectively in a self-employed capacity) without realising that this leaves them open to claims that could be made against arising from errors and omissions, professional negligence or other liability. When you are working for the Local Authority or another employer, it is usual for the employer's own liability insurance policies to provide you with appropriate protection. But when you work outside the course of your normal employment then you are potentially exposed to liability claims which might be brought against you personally by pupils, parents or third parties.

Designed Specially for Teachers

It has always been possible to insure against these risks, by purchasing appropriate public liability and professional indemnity insurance cover. The problem has been that the costs have often proved to be prohibitive because for an insurer to underwrite and issue an individual liability policy is costly. And to be properly covered, it is likely that you would need both a public liability policy and a separate professional indemnity policy. When you take into account the relatively small income most teachers receive from their self-employed work, many have simply decided it is not worthwhile insuring – they'd rather take the risk themselves than spend a fortune on insurance premiums. But our specialist teacher's liability policy brings together the required cover in one simple package and it is so competitively priced that there's now no need to leave yourself without cover:

  • The application process is quick and simple – everything is done online.
  • Costs are kept to a minimum because we issue all the paperwork on the Insurer's behalf.
  • The scheme has been negotiated specially for teachers, lecturers and educational consultants and features very broad cover so individual underwriting is unnecessary.

A little about the product

Alan Boswell Group have arranged an insurance scheme to protect teachers who provide private tuition, lecturing or coaching outside of their main employment.

The policy is specifically designed for teachers and covers teaching all academic subjects plus sports coaching, music, drama, technology, cookery and practical science activities.

Instant cover available from just £52 a year (plus £10 admin fee)

You can buy cover online and download your policy documentation through this site.