Residential Mortgages

Buying or selling your home is widely acknowledged to be a highly stressful and emotional experience. Part of the stress surrounds the mortgage selection and application process.

You want to be certain that you've got the best mortgage deal from the right mortgage lender. Of course you need a mortgage that suits your current financial circumstances but do you also need flexibility in case things change?

And which discounted mortgage is really best? Is that tantalizingly cheap mortgage rate just the bait to get you hooked before the lender hits you with penalties later on?

Then again, there are the discounted mortgage products... or would a fixed rate mortgage be a better bet? Offset mortgages are currently very popular and suit some types of client ...but would such a loan arrangement be the best option for you?

Independent Advice

Your mortgage is likely to be your biggest financial commitment so getting the choice right could affect your financial well-being for many years ahead. That's why it's worth getting independent professional mortgage advice before committing to any home loan.

Our aim in the Alan Boswell & Company mortgage team is to simplify and de-stress the mortgage process by identifying the correct mortgage product to suit your individual financial needs. Then, when the best mortgage has been selected, we will work with lenders, solicitors and agents to ensure that the application and completion process is as smooth and trouble-free as possible. We can't promise to remove all the pain attached to a house move, but we will do our best to remove the hassle from the mortgage related aspects.

Comprehensive Mortgage Service

And our services extend beyond mortgage advice to related financial services. If required, one of our independent financial advisers can conduct a complete financial planning review; provide mortgage protection advice (e.g. life insurance) and our personal insurance team can arrange your home insurance on highly competitive terms.

These are the types of residential mortgage that we deal with:

  • Standard residential mortgages
  • High multiple mortgages (i.e. loans requiring salary multiples in excess of 4 times annual income)
  • High loan to value mortgage cases (up to and exceeding 100% lending)
  • Second home mortgages or finance for multiple properties clients with a property investment portfolio
  • Let to buy mortgages

For further advice or information please call Emma Wilson on 01603 218043 or use our Mortgage Enquiry form.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. There will be a fee for mortgage advice. The precise amount will depend upon your circumstance but we estimate that it will be £500.