Long Term Care Planning

Long term care is the care and support that you may need in later life due to frailty or disability. This care helps you carry out those normal daily activities which you may have difficulty with such as helping you get out of bed, get dressed or go shopping.

The Government does provide some state support to help you with the costs of long term care. However, this support is means-tested and you will be assessed on what personal savings, property and other assets you may own. Once this assessment is done, you will be told whether or not you qualify for state support.

If you don't qualify for state support, the insurance industry offers a range of financial products and solutions to help you pay for your long term care costs. You should discuss your options with a qualified adviser to get more information.

Long term care planning is an area that needs to be dealt with in a caring and sensitive manner and one which requires specialist financial advice. It is essential that state benefits such as attendance allowance are considered.

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