Landlord Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I insure all types of property under the landlords insurance scheme?
Answer: We accept self contained dwellings let to single occupants, couples, bed-sit accommodation with shared facilities and houses in multiple occupations (HMO’s). We can also insure most commercial and part-commercial let properties at competitive rates. Quotations for commercial let properties are not currently available online, please phone or email us. Hostel and B&B type properties, care homes, nursing homes and properties catering for specific disadvantaged, vulnerable or problem occupants cannot be insured on the scheme policies, but we may be able to offer a quotation on an individual basis.

Question: Can I insure let my properties if I have had previous claims?
Answer: Occasional claims are acceptable at normal terms. When you request an online quotation you will be asked for details of relevant claims.

Question: Can I pay my landlords insurance premium monthly by direct debit?
Answer: We offer a range of competitive credit facilities ourselves and also via Close Brothers Premium Finance for annual premium payments.

Question: Do I have to arrange landlords contents insurance if I let my properties on a part-furnished basis (e.g. with carpets, curtains/blinds and domestic appliances)?
Answer: No, such items are automatically included within the definition of 'buildings' in our landlords’ policies and there is no need to arrange separate landlords’ contents insurance in these circumstances.

Question: How do I know the rebuilding cost of my let property?
Answer: You can get guidance on rebuilding costs at the BCIS website, but you should seek professional advice if unsure of the correct figure. We can assist you with calculating rebuilding values for straightforward properties.

Question: I let out a leasehold flat and the freeholder arranges buildings cover, do I need to arrange any insurance myself?
Answer: Yes, you should consider insuring for your liability as a landlord, for any Contents you may have in the property and for your Loss of Rent following damage.

Question: If I employ someone am I covered?
Answer: Yes, you have cover for legal liability to employees (defined as cleaners, caretakers, gardeners and persons doing minor repairs and maintenance) up to £10 million any one incident.

Question: If I let a property fully-furnished, will I have to arrange cover for a minimum contents sum insured?
Answer: No, you can arrange landlords’ contents insurance for whatever figure is appropriate, provided we are also insuring the Building on the same policy.

Question: Should I insure my let property from exchange or completion?
Answer: Insurance is usually offered from exchange, but you should be guided by your solicitor on the exact date.

Question: What about injury to tenants and other people?
Answer: You are covered for legal liability to third parties up to £5 million any one incident.

Question: What if my let property has had subsidence, or has been underpinned?
Answer: Insurers will need to see a structural engineers report and details of any remedial work. Once the details have been received by the Insurers they will confirm the cover to be offered. Until a report is received, we will be able to cover the property but subsidence cover will be excluded.

Question: What type of tenants are acceptable?
Answer: Providing that your tenancy agreement is directly with the tenant, unemployed persons, students, and those receiving housing benefit/allowance are all acceptable.

Question: Will my cover continue when the tenant moves out?
Answer: Full cover will operate for a period of up to 90 days, subject to you taking certain precautions. Please refer to the Summary of Cover or Specimen Policy Wording for precise details of the precautions.