Farm Insurance

Whether you farm thousands of acres of crops in Norfolk or have a small holding in Wales, our specialist farm insurance team will ensure that you have the right insurance to protect your livelihood.

The farm insurance we recommend will be tailored to your specific needs from a wide range of options providing you with the most suitable protection for your business at a competitive cost.

We have negotiated several exclusive farm insurance schemes with some of the UK's best known insurers.

Some of the areas that require the sort of specialist farm insurance expertise we can supply to you are:

Material damage Insurance

Cover for your stock, farm buildings, machinery, vehicles and implements and other assets

Livestock Insurance

Cover for diseases such as Bovine Tuberculosis, Foot and Mouth and Brucellosis

Hail Damage Insurance

Vital for certain types of crops

Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown Insurance

Protecting your essential equipment: anything from laptop computers to grain dryers.

Public Liability Insurance

Essential protection against claims made by members of the public.

Employers' Liability Insurance

Protection against claims made by employees.

Tractors and Trailers

From a single tractor to a farm fleet. Cover for farm trailers whether or not attached.

Insurance for Estates

Cover for:

  • Mansions and their contents, including fine art, antiques and other valuable items
  • Ownership or tenancy of estate buildings and land
  • Properties that are open to the public where extended liability cover is required
  • Special events insurance for social and corporate events including weddings, filming and the like
  • Fishing, shooting, or hunting activities

If you want to know more please contact us.