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Free H & S Advice

We understand how much pressure you’re under right now – but we wanted to make sure we did something to help.

For however long this pandemic is active in the U.K. we’re offering all our insurance clients access to our Risk Management team free of charge.

With help and advice on everything from setting up your workforce for home working to understanding your legal obligations around statutory inspections we’re here to help.

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Latest COVID-19 News
Cyber crime
Cyber Threats and Covid-19

Covid-19 brings its own challenges to business, but existing threats do not go away. If anything, some of the established threats may be amplified due to the distractions caused by a major global pandemic. One such area is cyber risk, which we examine.

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Support your employees' wellbeing
How insurance can help support your employee’s wellbeing

Find out how you can proactively support your employees' wellbeing with insurance-backed products to help through these uncertain times

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Working from home
Working from home due to Covid-19? How to make sure you’re covered by your home insurance

With no way of predicting when Covid-19 restrictions will be eased, working from home looks likely to continue for the foreseeable future. But what does this mean for your home insurance?

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Managing insurance rick during Covid-19
Business owners: how to manage and mitigate insurance risk during Covid-19

Business owners face new and evolving challenges as the Covid-19 pandemic develops. Phil Thorpe and Lucy Frost explain what business owners can do to mitigate risks and make sure their business is protected during these unpredictable times.  

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