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Latest News Congratulations Katherine Campbell – the newest Fellow of the CII

Congratulations Katherine Campbell – the newest Fellow of the CII

Katherine Campbell

Congratulations to Katherine Campbell, Commercial Account Executive, for becoming a Fellow of the CII. She joins a select few in the Group, and the country, to have achieved the CII’s highest possible qualification.

FCII is an extremely prestigious endorsement and notoriously difficult to achieve. To become FCII you must complete a rigorous set of criteria to demonstrate knowledge, professionalism and capability in the insurance industry. Consequently, only the most dedicated are awarded the title.

Katherine says: “When I started working in the insurance industry, I was at a company where you had to self-fund your qualifications. I chose to do it, even though it was incredibly hard at the time, because I really wanted to learn.

When I moved to Alan Boswell Group and found out they were supporting staff to become qualified by covering the fees, I made a conscious decision to see it through to the end. It’s not an easy thing to do – it’s taken me nine and half years, with a few breaks – but it’s been such a great learning experience.”

Being a Fellow shows clients and insurers that you are extremely knowledgeable in your field and committed to your continuing professional development. This is something that is particularly important to Katherine, “We give a lot of high level information to clients and a lot of it can make or break their business. To have the qualifications to show that, actually, I do know what I’m talking about adds reassurance for them, and feels really good for me.”

Gillian Anderson Brown, Human Resources Director, says: “What an achievement for Katherine to become a fellow. This is such a worthwhile path to demonstrate not only Katherine’s commitment to her profession, colleagues and clients, but the Group’s continuing support to obtaining the highest qualification within an individual’s professional field. I hope this encourages more to take on the challenge”

What’s Katherine’s advice for anyone thinking about becoming an FCII? “Go for it! It’s not going to be a quick process, but that doesn’t matter – the time is going to pass anyway so you may as well do something worthwhile with it! When the company is so encouraging for you to get qualified, why wouldn’t you?!”