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Latest News Safeguarding success: the imperative of credit insurance for UK businesses in 2024

Safeguarding success: the imperative of credit insurance for UK businesses in 2024

Safeguarding success: the imperative of credit insurance for UK businesses in 2024

In the dynamic landscape of commerce, businesses in the UK are navigating through unprecedented challenges. From the lingering impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to the difficulties of global trade, credit insurance can ensure financial stability for your business in a challenging trading environment.

Recent Government statistics reveal a sobering reality. According to the latest Company Insolvency Statistics report for October to December 2023, registered company insolvencies in 2023 reached the highest level since 1993. This represents a 14% rise compared to 2022 and continues a trend since 2020.

Credit insurance is a crucial tool in mitigating these risks. Essentially, credit insurance protects businesses against the non-payment of trade debts owed to them by customers. By providing a safety net against defaults or insolvencies, credit insurance ensures that businesses can sustain operations and safeguard their finances.

In 2024, when economic uncertainties continue, the importance of credit insurance becomes even more pronounced. Here’s why:

Economic volatility: Despite signs of recovery, the global economy remains susceptible to fluctuations. Geopolitical tensions, trade disputes, and unexpected market shifts can all impact businesses, leading to payment defaults and insolvencies. Credit insurance acts as a buffer, shielding businesses from the effects of uncertainties.

Supply chain disruptions: Supply chains have been severely disrupted after the pandemic, exposing businesses to heightened risks. A breakdown in the supply chain can disrupt cash flow and strain relationships with customers. Credit insurance provides businesses with reassurance that their cash flow won’t be impacted by the financial stability of their customers and suppliers.

Changing consumer behaviour: Consumer preferences and behaviours have evolved rapidly, driven by technological advancements and shifting societal norms. Businesses need to adapt swiftly to these changes, which may involve extending credit to new customers or exploring unfamiliar markets. Credit insurance provides an extensive credit checking facility, giving businesses confidence when offering credit terms.

Access to finance: In an environment where access to finance is crucial for growth and expansion, credit insurance can enhance the creditworthiness of businesses. Lenders are more inclined to extend credit to businesses backed by comprehensive insurance cover, thereby ensuring businesses can pursue their growth goals with financial stability.

In essence, credit insurance serves as a strategic safety net for UK businesses in 2024, providing a layer of protection against the risks inherent in today’s business landscape. Amidst uncertainty, a credit insurance policy offers peace of mind and enables sustainable growth.

The statistics may paint a challenging picture, but with the right safeguards in place, businesses can navigate through turbulent times with resilience. You can find out more about how credit insurance has helped Wingate Electrical in our case study.

To learn more about credit insurance, speak to your broker or contact us on 01223 324233.

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