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Latest News Travel insurance: Protecting you against the elements

Travel insurance: Protecting you against the elements

Travel insurance for hurricane season

As the peak holiday season comes to an end, autumn sees the final rush of Brits departing for sunnier climes. Savvy travellers will be taking advantage of cheaper flights and accommodation while the weather is still good – especially in traditionally warm locations like the southern United States and the Caribbean.

Mid-September, however, marks the high point of the Atlantic hurricane season. Although it officially starts on 1st June and finishes on 30th November, 2016 has been particularly active in terms of hurricanes, tropical storms and cyclones. In fact, the season started six months early, with Hurricane Alex in January. Thankfully, Alex didn’t make landfall, but it was only the second recorded hurricane formation in January since records began – the first was in 1938.

Tropical storm Bonnie followed in mid-May, causing floods in Florida and Carolina, and more than $700,000 (£540,000) of damage. June saw storms causing death and destruction in Florida, Georgia and Mexico. The most tragic and significant this year so far has been Hurricane Earl, which caused the deaths of 67 people in Belize, Mexico and the Dominican Republic during August. Two more hurricanes – Gaston and Hermine – have formed since, as well as two named tropical storms.

Massive damage

Hurricanes, tropical storms, cyclones and the like can cause massive property damage as a result of widespread flooding, landslides and high winds. As we’ve seen this year, injuries and fatalities are also a distinct possibility.

While popular attractions like Disneyland are at the heart of hurricane country, these resorts take safety seriously. As such, so there’s no reason to cancel your plans unless you are advised to do so. That said, it’s important you’re covered for any eventuality, in case the weather changes while you’re away.

This is why it’s essential to have fully comprehensive travel insurance before you go away. And by fully comprehensive, we mean making sure it covers you for extended stays, as well as for loss and damage to your personal belongings.

Remember, severe storms can also lead to cancelled flights, hotels being unavailable and other unforeseen situations, which may require you to change your plans at the last minute. Insurance against delays and cancellations can save you hundreds of pounds, while full medical cover is also strongly advised in case you’re caught in extreme weather.

As an independent insurance broker, Alan Boswell Group can tailor your travel insurance to make sure it meets your exact needs and covers all eventualities. Drop us a line to find out more.

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