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Having cover in place for if you pass away or become ill gives you the peace of mind of knowing your family will be provided for. The cover may be needed for:

  • Outstanding debts, including mortgage
  • Household bills
  • Everyday living costs
  • Childcare

How much cover you will need and what type will depend on your own circumstances. Our independent financial advisers will take the time to find out about your protection needs so they can recommend the most appropriate solution.

Regularly reviewing your cover is important, to make sure that what you have in place is still suitable. This is a valuable service we are also happy to provide.

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

We aim to build long-term relationships between our clients and our independent financial advisers. We’ll take time to understand your needs, search the market, tailor a plan that suits you and find the best premium.

Life & Health Insurance in detail

There are many types of life insurance products and plans that will pay out if you become ill. The main options are:

  • Life Insurance – In the event of death, life insurance provides your family with funds to help cover costs like bills, nursery fees or paying your mortgage. There are several types of Life Insurance options available. Some will pay a lump sum whereas others will pay a regular income. Some will cover you for a specified period while others will cover you for the rest of your life.
  • Critical Illness Cover – If you are diagnosed with a critical illness, this cover can be used to pay for things like household expenses, extra medical care or paying off your mortgage. The list of illnesses covered varies from company to company, but we can help you find the most appropriate solution.
  • Income Protection Insurance – If you are off work due to illness or injury, Income Protection Insurance pays you a monthly income to cover basic living costs, so you and your family can cope financially. The plans can be tailored to take into account any sick pay you get from work, meaning you are only paying for cover that you actually need. Our advisers can ensure the right options are chosen based on your own circumstances.


  • Some policies last for a specified term, while others can go on for the rest of your life. How long to be covered for will depend mainly on why the protection is needed. Our advisers can help by taking the time to find out about your circumstances and searching the market for the most appropriate solution.

  • This will vary hugely depending on why it is required. For example, if the cover is to pay off the outstanding balance of a mortgage it is likely that this will be the level of cover that is needed. However, if the cover is required to make sure your family is provided for if you were unable to work or were to pass away, the level of cover would depend on your earnings and how much your family would need. Getting advice is very useful for establishing how much to protect you for and the most appropriate type of cover.

  • When our advisers make recommendations, they will take into account the budget you have available. If the solutions they recommended exceed your budget, they will help you to prioritise, making sure the money you have available is going as far as possible to meet your protection needs.  

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