Independent Financial Advice

Alan Boswell Certified Financial Planners

Over the last 20 years, Alan Boswell & Company Ltd (ABCO) has become one of the largest regional Independent Financial Advisers in the country, and carries out all financial services activity within the AB Group.

Our specialist teams provide a wide range of clients with financial advice on investments, pensions, employee benefits and other key financial areas. Furthermore, our philosophy mirrors that of the AB Group; we work to maintain long-term trusted relationships between our clients and our high calibre, qualified independent financial advisers - all supported by our teams of efficient and professional staff.

Independent financial advisers you can trust

Our corporate clients rely on us to provide their senior staff and employees with a full range of independent financial advisory services. Commercial insurance clients quickly recognise the benefits that our independent financial advisers bring when handling their financial services requirements.

The specialist team of independent financial advisers at ABCO works with other professional organisations, such as solicitors and accountants, to provide financial advice to their staff and clients on a local, regional and national basis.

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As a Financial Conduct Authority regulated organisation, our high standards and levels of compliance apply to all areas of our independent financial advice.

What's more, at ABCO, the financial well-being of our clients really matters. We're here to help you over the long-term with all your financial planning requirements.

For further information, complete an enquiry form. Alternatively email or call the ABCO team on 01603 218 000.