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About us Brand Logos

Brand assets and guidelines

Using our brand

If you have arrived at this page it’s likely you are looking to use our logo or want to mention us in some kind of promotional material you are creating. As you can imagine, we are proud of our name and logo so below we provide guidance on their use.

Firstly, if you are an introducer or are looking to specifically promote any of the products/services we offer, you must obtain our approval beforehand. In these situations, please contact us at [email protected] to obtain this approval.

If you are simply adding our logo because we’ve sponsored you or perhaps it’s part of a news item, or we’ve donated to your charity (i.e. not specially promoting products/services), you can use the resources below without needing pre-approval. If you are in any doubt, feel free to contact us a [email protected]

Brand Guidelines

Our name

We are Alan Boswell Group and this is how you should refer to us in press, publications and PR. The preferred use is always spelled with a capital “A”, “B” and “G”. Do not include any additional phrases, such as domain or business type.

Please refrain from referring to us as:

  • The Alan Boswell Group When writing about us, do not use the word 'The' before our company name.
  • ALAN BOSWELL GROUP Do not write our brand name in capitals
  • Alan boswell's Do not shorten our name and add an “s” for plurality. Always refer to us as Alan Boswell Group

Our colours

Our colourways include our two primary colours and a selection of secondary colours as shown here:

Alan Boswell Group colours

Our primary colours are:

ABG Blue – RGB 0,61,120 | CMYK 100,67,0,38

ABG Red – RGB 180,17,26 | CMYK 0,100, 96, 28

You can download the full colourways below:

Download colourways

Our content

If you are a writer creating content for us, we have a specific style guide we would like you to follow. Our writing style guide covers things like punctuation, acronyms and capitalisation rules, amongst other things.

You can download our writing style guide here:

Download writing style guide