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Latest News
Landlord harassment
A guide to understanding landlord harassment

Landlord harassment is essentially anything a landlord does that prevents tenants from living peacefully in their homes. Examples of landlord harassment in the UK vary widely but includes incidents such as changing the locks without tenants’ knowledge.

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Tips to prepare your home for winter
Tips to prepare your home for winter

Preparing your home for the colder months can save you time, and money, in the long run. We've put together some tips to help you get your home read for the winter.

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tips leaving house unoccupied
How to keep your unoccupied home safe

There are a number of safety considerations to think about which can impact your insurance if you leave a property unoccupied for a length of time. Our guide provides tips on leaving your property unoccupied and what insurance you will need.

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Antique evalutation
Quastel Associates - why a correct valuation could be the most important thing you have

We speak to Mark Smith, Managing Director at Quastel Associates, to find out what a professional valuation is, what’s changing in the market and why a correct valuation could be the most important thing you have.

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