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Livestock insurance is a key product for private farm owners and commercial livestock operators, providing tailored insurance cover to protect their assets from risks such as mortality, infertility, theft, and disease, in situ or in transit.

Cover limits can be tailored to your requirements and can include:

  • All risks mortality and loss of use for specified animals
  • Business interruption
  • Theft and mysterious disappearance
  • Transit risks

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

Alan Boswell talking about livestock insurance

Farming insurance is one of our fields of expertise and a farmers livestock needs the correct insurance.

We have heavily invested to ensure we provide you with the best farming insurance possible. We have dedicated farm advisers across our seven offices, covering farms in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire.

We utilise our unique farm scheme, backed by Aviva, and farm specialists within our claims team to ensure you get the cover you need.  The livestock insurance we offer will be specifically designed for your farming operations.

How our customers rate us

Most help, persistent in providing the right product for our needs.

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Livestock Insurance in detail

Please note: Our livestock insurance policy primarily focuses on providing cover for larger groups or herds of animals and/or part of a farm insurance policy.

We do not offer standalone livestock insurance for individual animals.

We all know the importance of insuring your business assets and for a livestock farmer, their biggest assets will be their dairy, beef, and sheep farming operations.

The risks presented to a livestock farmer are unique and ever-changing with disease, fertility-risks, theft, and transit accidents sat alongside more common risks such as fire, flood, and storm damage.

Having an insurance expert take the time to understand your unique operations and tailoring an insurance program that meets your needs is crucial to ensure you are properly protected without paying for unnecessary cover.

Cover options

  • All risks mortality Cover for specified animals. Ideal for valuable breeding stock. Covers death from accidental, violent, external, and visible means and illness or disease.
  • Fertility guarantee The specified animal becomes permanently infertile, impotent or incapable of service.
  • Herd cover Provide cover for an entire herd from disease, transit risks etc.
  • Fatal injury on or off the premises If your livestock finds its way off your land onto a public road or river and dies you will have cover. If your animals are poisoned by vermin in a food trough or eat acorns on your own land this is covered.
  • Worry of sheep and cattle Cover if your sheep or cattle are stressed by dogs, foxes, or vermin to the point of death.
  • Theft or mysterious disappearance Cover if your livestock is stolen and/or if your livestock cannot be located, and the circumstances of disappearance cannot be explained, or do not lend themselves to a reasonable inference that a theft occurred.
  • Business interruption Having business interruption cover as part of your livestock policy means you can claim the advanced value of your livestock. For example: if you have pigs and they die two months before being sold to slaughter you would receive the additional value those pigs had at the time of slaughter.
  • Disease cover Cover if your livestock contracted diseases such as Foot & Mouth, Aujeszky’s disease, Swine vesicular disease, and Maedi Visni.
  • Fallen stock Covers the removal of carcass' for when livestock dies on your farm, ensuring it is collected, identified, and transported correctly without ‘undue delay’.


  • Livestock insurance covers mortality to animals due to accidental, violent, external and visible means, and illness or disease. The laws in most countries treat animals as moveable property and the risk location is where the animal is normally situated.

  • It’s important to discuss your circumstances with an independent insurance broker to find out whether or not you would benefit from any add-ons. They can prove hugely valuable if relevant to your business, but there’s no point in paying for cover that you’ll never use.

  • Most livestock policies will have exclusions. These should be highlighted to you and carefully reviewed prior to purchasing a policy.

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