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Business Care & Medical Business Insurance Medical Equipment Insurance

The medical equipment industry has always been a specialist area as far as insurance goes. Whether you are involved in the manufacture, distribution, wholesale or engineering of medical equipment, finding the right insurance solution can be tricky.

  • Cover for worldwide activities including USA.
  • Full legal liability insurance including products liability.
  • Products liability cover for invasive equipment.
  • All Risks cover on equipment anywhere in the UK.

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

ABG Difference

Whether your medical equipment is for personal or commercial use, we can provide expert advice on the cover required.

If your medical equipment is for commercial use, we can either provide standalone cover, or take a look at the whole picture and ensure your wider insurance risks are covered.

If your medical equipment is for personal use, we can provide cover under a home insurance policy.

How our customers rate us

Experience has been first class so far, and I have saved money.

Mr Collins - Commercial Combined Insurance

Medical Equipment Insurance in detail

Medical equipment insurance provides cover for the following

  • Property damage Full cover for damage, loss or theft of equipment.
  • Liability cover Cover for public and products liability including invasive treatment equipment.
  • All risks cover All risks covered for damage to medical equipment.

Medical equipment insurance is aimed at medical equipment used for commercial purposes. For medical equipment for personal use we suggest contacting your home insurance provider.


  • No, medical negligence insurance would need to be purchased to cover these risks.

  • Yes, cover is worldwide.

  • No, efficacy is not covered.

  • Yes, the standard excess is £250.

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