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Corporate legal liability insurance (CLL) , otherwise known as entity insurance, is similar to Directors’ and Officers’ insurance (D&O) but offers protections to the company, whereas a D&O policy offers protection to an individual.

CLL provides the funds to defend claims made against your company for a wide range of alleged wrongdoings and any associated settlements or awards.

CLL covers:

  • Costs incurred while investigating claims
  • Legal expenses incurred in defending a claim
  • Awards or settlements paid

Corporate legal liability insurance could be the difference between your company surviving, or not surviving, a legal claim.

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

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D&O Insurance is a complex subject with many options available. We will take the time to identify your needs for this and other relevant insurance products to make sure you’re fully covered. Directors and Officers Insurance is essential for many companies as it protects individuals in the event of legal action.

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  • Corporate legal liability insurance is not legally required, although for many companies it would be considered best practice.

  • D&O insurance won’t cover claims against the company. It is solely for individual Directors and Officers. Most D&O policies however can be extended to cover the company.

  • Claims can be brought by anyone who has an interest in the company e.g. customers, employees, shareholders, investors, regulators etc.

  • There will be a limit to the cover an insurance company is prepared to provide, however there are different options for the level of cover you may wish to purchase. Generally speaking, limits are linked to turnover and based on historical claims data to ensure cover is appropriate.

  • Contact us. We sometimes find policyholders hold off notifying because there hasn’t been a formal ‘claim’. Our advice is to engage with insurers as soon as you become aware as a situation could escalate to a claim. This is both to comply with policy conditions but also because insurers may be able to offer advice and support.

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