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Public Liability Insurance is there if you, or if your business, interacts in any way with the public you will need to obtain quality Public Liability Insurance to protect you in the case of a claim.

Accidents can happen and Public Liability Insurance will protect you if a member of the public suffers a loss, or injury, as a result of dealing with you or your company.

Public liability can also include Products Liability for any products for make for sale.

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

ABG Difference

Public liability insurance can be an incredibly complex subject and not something easily bought online. At Alan Boswell Group our experts will work with you exploring the exposures you and your business have. With many years experience of liability insurance we are able to explain the benefits and give specific examples of why this cover is essential for your business.

How our customers rate us

We use Alan Boswell for all our insurance. We moved away from them for one year as we managed to obtain a less expensive quote but found the new company a real pain to deal with.

Mrs McLean - Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance in detail

Primarily Public Liability Insurance provides cover for claims from third parties arising from a business or persons activities. Examples of this may include:

  • Injury to third party on business premises caused by negligence (e.g. spilled water not tidied up).
  • Faulty product causing damage or injury (e.g. product catches fire and causes damage).
  • Damage to property caused in normal course of business (e.g. builder drills hole through pipe).


  • They are very similar types of insurance. Products liability covers claims caused by the actual product e.g. a wheel falls off a bicycle due to a fault causing injury to the rider. Public liability is a lot wider and will cover negligence of a business or individual e.g. not cleaning up a spill, fixing a rip in a carpet.

  • No, Public Liability Insurance is often integral to many insurance packages and is not sold separately. However there are many situations where Public Liability Insurance will be sold on its own e.g. someone buying a strip of land.

  • Again this all depends on your business activities. If you are a shoebox maker then you will need limited cover, whereas in contrast if you make landing gear for aircraft you would need a far higher level. Our experts will understand your business and your potential liabilities and provide an insurance solution to fit.

  • We do not provide certificates of insurance but appreciate proof of insurance is required to fulfil certain contracts such as government contracts and we can provide “To whom it may concern” letters detailing your insurance cover.

  • Yes, we can arrange airside cover for you and your business.

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