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Driving Instructor Insurance

Insurance for driving instructors and driving schools. Contact us for quote or talk to one of our experts.

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  • Dual control replacement vehicle
  • Under-age tuition on private land
  • No hidden excesses for younger drivers
  • Dual control replacement vehicle
  • Under-age tuition on private land
  • No hidden excesses for younger drivers
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If you’re an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) or a Potential Driving Instructor (PDI), we offer insurance tailored specifically to your unique needs. Our policy covers a range of scenarios and can include:

  • Legal protection and recovery of uninsured losses from third parties
  • Off-road tuition and underage driver cover (14+)
  • Cover for examiners
  • Banned or convicted drivers retaking their driving tests
  • No hidden excesses and more

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

Driving Instructor Insurance with Alan Boswell Group

As a driving instructor in the UK you face numerous day-to-day challenges, including dealing with cancellations, navigating heavy traffic and roadworks, managing vehicle maintenance, and covering operational and business overhead costs, and much more. All of this comes with the need to insure the risks to you, your business, and the public should the worst happen. That’s why we take the time to understand the risks you face and ensure our policy provides the cover you need. You can talk to us to obtain your quote or send an email.

How our customers rate us

A super-professional team. It was great to hear the savings on the insurance and see it within days on paper. Very highly recommended.

Mr Tooke, Motor Fleet Insurance

Driving instructor insurance in detail

  • Social, domestic, & pleasure use Any qualified driver over 25 can drive the vehicle for social, domestic, and pleasure purposes (with the owner’s permission).
  • Off-road tuition and under-age driver cover (14+) If you offer or specialise in teaching off-road driving, our policy provides the cover you need to teach essential off-road driving skills. Private land cover for drivers aged 14 and over.
  • Optional dual control replacement car If your vehicle experiences a fault, fire, theft, vandalism, or is a total loss claim, you will receive a dual-controlled replacement vehicle to ensure you can continue operating your business.
  • Legal protection and recovery of uninsured losses from third parties Covers legal help for getting back money you're owed if an accident isn't your fault, defence against driving-related legal charges, contract issues, costs for hiring a replacement vehicle, and gives you access to a legal advice helpline. Following a road traffic accident, provides legal assistance to attempt to recover costs from any uninsured third parties involved.
  • Banned or convicted drivers retaking their driving tests Cover to allow you to provide specialised instruction and support to individuals who have lost their licence due to serious driving offences and are required to pass their driving test again.
  • Cover for PDI’s and ADI’s Cover for PDIs (Potential Driving Instructors) and ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors), includes insurance to help protect you from various risks while running your driving instruction business.
  • Approved driving instructor test cover Cover to protect you from the risks of running a driving school, including legal expenses, public liability, dual control courtesy car cover, and a protected no-claims bonus.
  • Cover for examiners Protection that extends to the examiners involved in the driving tests. It ensures that both the instructors and the examiners are protected from various risks during the driving instruction and examination process.
  • Transport from the scene of an accident emergency accommodation cover Should you need assistance or accommodation after an incident, cover will help ensure you are picked up or taken to nearby emergency accommodation.
  • Trailer training and advanced training Cover for driving schools that teach drivers how to tow a trailer and advanced training.
  • Post test tuition & driver awareness courses Essential cover to allow you to give additional courses and tests.

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Driving Business Insurance enquiry Driving Business Insurance enquiry
Driving Business Insurance enquiry

A competitive quote was obtained with the cover required for our needs. Good customer service and advice given.

Driving instructor insurance FAQs

  • Yes, you can drive your tuition car for social, domestic, and pleasure use.

  • Yes, like normal insurance, the cost of your insurance will be influenced by the type of vehicle you are insuring. It’s important to remember this if you are considering starting a career in driving tuition.

  • No, we do not require any documents from you to purchase a driving instructor insurance policy.