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Pub insurance or public house insurance is designed to protect all types of licensed premises such as restaurants, bars, or a late night bar. Public liability insurance is a vital part of the insurance cover. Running a busy pub means it’s important to have insurance coverage that will protect you if someone is injured or their property is damaged because of your business.

Pub insurance covers:

  • Cover for loss of license
  • £10 million employers’ liability
  • Cover for guest accommodation
  • Assault and theft cover
  • Loss of income
  • Liability cover for damage or injury

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

ABG Difference

Gone are the days when a pub was just an establishment for the sale of alcohol. Nowadays pubs can offer accommodation, fine dining, children’s soft play areas, microbreweries and much more besides. Your pub insurance also needs to move with the times and offer tailored insurance that meets your current needs.

At Alan Boswell Group we understand that each pub has unique requirements and it is our job to source the most appropriate cover. With many years’ experience our experts can support you whether you’re running a single site or a large chain of pubs.


Picked up my details and had a competitive quote back to me the same morning. Can't fault the service at all.

Karen - Pubs & Restaurant Insurance

Pub Insurance in detail

Pub insurance will generally include a variety of standard commercial insurance products and additional covers dependent on your type of business. Standard covers include:

  • Public liability This is an essential cover for pubs, covering you for injury to the public or damage to their property e.g. slips, trips, and falls (not alcohol induced) .
  • Loss of income For certain claims (e.g. flood) you would be able to claim for loss of earnings.
  • Business contents Cover for contents for business purposes e.g. kitchenware, tables, chairs etc.
  • Stock Different to contents, this is cover for your stock for sale e.g. beer, wine, spirits, tobacco etc.
  • Money and assault Cover for theft and personal assault cover.
  • Goods in transit Cover for business goods whilst in transit e.g. collecting stock from wholesalers.
  • Loss of license Depreciation in the value of your business following loss of the alcohol sales licence.

Examples of additional cover include:

  • Deterioration of stock – Damage to stock kept in a refrigerated environment e.g. freezer breakdown.
  • Buildings – Damage to your business premises and relevant fixtures and fittings.
  • Legal expenses – Covers a variety of legal issues including employment and property disputes.
  • Directors’ & Officers’ – Covers the cost of compensation claims/defence costs for directors.
  • Theft by employees (fidelity guarantee) – Covers a direct loss of money or property belonging to you resulting from an act of fraud or dishonesty committed by an employee.
  • Tenants improvements – Covers adaptions to the original building structure e.g. new toilets, extraction systems etc.

By speaking to an insurance expert you can be sure that you get the most appropriate insurance products for your business.

Declaring all details – what may seem like a small detail to you could be a significant insurance factor. Events and facilities such as live entertainment or children’s playgrounds could make some insurers nervous, and not declaring them could lead to a claim being declined.
Ownership and management – If you own a pub but sublet the management or you are a self-employed pub manager your insurance risks will differ quite drastically from an owner who runs and manages their pub. It is important that either as a manager, or owner, you seek independent advice to ensure your risk is covered correctly.


  • There is cover for up to four rooms on most pub policies. Over this it is advisable to obtain guesthouse/hotel insurance.

  • Pub insurance will vary in cost depending on the type of pub you have and the entertainment/facilities you have e.g. play area, live music etc.

  • Yes, activities related to your day to day business held on your premises are covered.

  • Even if you don’t employee the staff directly you should have an element of employers’ liability as a contingency, especially if your manager is following your instructions.

  • We will look at individual circumstances to understand if one policy or multiple policies are appropriate for your circumstances.

  • Yes, we understand that many pubs will be tenanted and allow an element of cover for this.

  • Absolutely, but ensure you tell your adviser your plans so they can ensure you have the right levels of cover.

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