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Landlords Multi Property Landlord Insurance

Multi Property Landlord Insurance

Tailored protection for your property portfolio covering commercial and residential properties

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  • Unlimited properties
  • No mid-term amendment fees
  • All property types covered
  • Unlimited properties
  • No mid-term amendment fees
  • All property types covered
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Landlord insurance for multiple properties essential for landlords with a portfolio of properties. Our multi-property insurance ensures portfolio owners can have one single policy with the right level of cover in place for each individual property. Whether properties are commercial or residential we can provide our specialist insurance in one single policy, saving you time and money.

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

multi-property landlord insurance

Alan Boswell Group has spent more than 30 years developing insurance for landlords, in our opinion, our Multi-property Landlord Insurance is unrivalled in terms of cover quality and service provided. We become one of the leading suppliers of landlord insurance in the UK. With our own unique products and access to many recognised major insurance products, we are well positioned to provide expert independent advice. To complement our expertise we have delegated authority for many claims ensuring a smooth and quick claims process.

We also have a landlord advice hub that is full of useful information to help landlords and property owners find the advice and products needed.

How our customers rate us

An amazing experience to have a helpful, polite, and knowledgeable member of staff to assist me.
I felt very happy and secure with my insurance purchase and won’t bother to ever go to a comparison site again!

Mrs Hill - Landlord Insurance

Multi-Property Landlord Insurance in detail

In addition to the standard landlord insurance product, our portfolio insurance covers:

  • All risks Some insurers will cover 'all risks' material loss or damage to buildings and/or contents.
  • Wide range of tenancy types considered Including students and those in receipt of Universal Credit. This may incur an extra charge.
  • Costs covered Cover for costs of rehousing a tenant(s) following insured damage to the property.
  • Loss of rent Loss of rent cover following insured damage to the property.
  • Property owners' liability Property owners' liability cover up to £5,000,000.
  • Employers' liability Employers' liability cover up to £10,000,000 for cleaners, gardeners, caretakers, and persons doing minor maintenance and repairs.
  • 90 days' full cover Up to 90 days' full cover between lets for unoccupied properties.

Our landlords insurance statistics page shows a range of average prices customer might expect to pay.


  • No, you don’t have to have one policy with one renewal date – and having different policies won’t necessarily be more expensive. We will offer the same rates even if your policies have different renewal dates.

  • Yes, you can. In some instances, it will make sense to do this, but your insurance adviser will take the time to understand your portfolio and suggest the best course of action.

  • Yes. The policies are not restrictive and you will be able to change your insurance as you buy and sell properties.

  • Generally speaking, any property that has a commercial element to it will be defined as commercial. This could range from a shop with flats above it, right up to a full-blown commercial industrial unit.

  • Premiums can go up and down and there are many factors that will impact this. If you have a portfolio, your spread of risk is larger and you will be able to absorb claims across your portfolio. The impact of any claim on your premium would be less than that of a single property owner. As we are independent, we are not tied to any insurance provider and will ensure you have the best value and quality products for your portfolio at each renewal.

  • Generally speaking five properties and above is defined as a portfolio.

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Multi Property Insurance quote
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Darren Wood

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