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Purchase our rent guarantee insurance and get peace of mind when renting out your properties. Our rent guarantee insurance policy also comes with legal expenses as standard, so you can get rent protection in the event of a tenant defaulting and any legal expenses cost’s you may face, such as costs for evicting a tenant, covered.

  • Options to cover up to £25,000, £50,000 or £75,000 rental income
  • Up to 12 months’ cover
  • Full landlord legal expenses up to £100,000 (including eviction costs)
  •  75% of your rent amount paid for up to 60 days after you have regained possession of your property
  • Landlord Legal expenses helpline 24/7
  • All tenant types considered

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Save an additional £30 from your rent guarantee insurance policy when you purchase a landlord policy from us.

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

landlord insurance rent guarantee and legal expenses

Alan Boswell Group appreciates the time and effort it takes to find the right tenant(s) and the need to protect rental income for the property. However, sometimes, circumstances out of a tenant’s control, such as redundancy, may result in a rent default. It is at this point that a rent protection insurance such as landlord rent guarantee insurance can make all the difference. Because we understand this, we have created a policy that caters to a variety of events.

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Rent Guarantee Insurance in detail

Rent Guarantee Insurance is a valuable insurance policy for many landlords who want rental income protection. Landlord insurance with rent guarantee and legal expenses is a perfect combination for any professional or residential landlord, providing cover if your tenant defaults and fails to pay the rent on your property.

The benefits of Rent Guarantee Insurance are:

  • Rental income cover Choice of cover for up to £25,000, £50,000 or £75,000 worth of rental income (maximum monthly rent £2,500, £5,000 or £7,500 respectively for up to 12 months)
  • Legal expenses cover Cover for up to £100,000 legal expenses for eviction (including the issue of relevant section notices), property legal disputes, repair & renovation disputes, health & safety investigations and tax investigations.
  • Helpline The policy provides you with access to a 24/7 legal advice helpline
  • Guidance Access to online health and safety documents
  • Vacant Possession cover After possession has been obtained, 75% of your rental income is paid for up to two calender months or until the property has been re-let, whichever happens sooner.

For this insurance to be valid, your tenant(s) must have passed the relevant referencing process in advance. This includes proof of earnings and affordability, proof of ID and a credit check showing no CCJs in the last three years.

It is not possible to take this policy out once a tenant has defaulted.

If a tenant already occupies the property and you want to take out the policy after the tenancy has started, there will be a 90-day exclusion period before a claim can be submitted.


Rent Guarantee and legal expenses cost

How much does rent guarantee insurance cost?

Thanks to our close insurer relationships, we can provide rent guarantee and legal expenses insurance at a competitive price. Plus, if you take it out when buying a landlord insurance policy with us, we can give you an exclusive discount.

Monthly rental incomeInsurance cost when bought with landlord insurance from Alan Boswell Group Insurance cost per property per year
Up to £2,500£75 for 12 months £105 for 12 months
Up to £5,000£150 for 12 months£150 for 12 months
Up to £7,500£170 for 12 months £170 for 12 months

Purchase stand-alone rent guarantee insurance with legal expenses, follow the link below.

Rent guarantee with legal expenses

Standalone Landlord legal expenses

You are also able to purchase a standalone cover for landlord legal expenses insurance, the cover is available for £35 if purchased in conjunction with an Alan Boswell Group landlord insurance policy.

Alternatively, landlord legal expenses insurance can be purchased for £55 on a standalone basis.


  • Rent guarantee insurance covers your monthly rental income if your tenants stop paying.  You can usually make a claim on your policy once your tenants have fallen one month behind with their rent. Your insurance will then continue to pay out for a fixed period, normally between 6 – 12 months, or until the tenant is evicted.  Some policies continue to provide a reduced level of cover for up to 2 months after you regain possession of the property to allow time for you to source a new tenant.

  • Protect your rental income with Rent guarantee insurance, sometimes known as rent protection insurance, can offer a financial lifeline to many landlords. … You can usually buy cover for six or 12 months, depending on the length of your tenancy agreement – and the full cost is tax-deductible against your rental income.  It is usually sold in conjunction with legal expenses cover which will provide cover to evict the tenant.

  • Rent guarantee insurance is an optional cover that helps to protect you, as a landlord, from being at risk if your tenants have difficulty paying their rent. Rent guarantee can be an invaluable policy for landlords who rely on the rental income to pay the mortgage and is usually so in conjunction with legal expenses cover which will arrange for the eviction of the tenant.

  • Landlord insurance usually covers Loss of Rent following a claim under the main policy.  However, if your tenants simply stop paying their rent then your landlord’s insurance will not cover this and you would need a separate legal expenses and rent guarantee insurance which would provide cover to evict the tenant and pay your rent during the process.

  • If your landlord’s insurance pays out in the event of a claim for loss or damage caused, for example by fire or flood, that means your tenants can no longer stay in the property then any rental income lost is usually cover by loss of rent cover included in the main policy.  However, if you tenant simply stops paying their rent but remains in your property you would require additional legal expense and rent guarantee insurance to help you evict the tenant and pay the missing rent during the process.


  • Yes, but the guarantor will still have to go through the same referencing process.

  • Two forms of ID are required and one must be photographic.

  • Yes, dependent on what part of the policy you are claiming on there are excesses as follows:

    • £250 legal expenses
    • £0 excess for eviction if due to unpaid rent
  • Yes, the insurance is based on the property. As long as the new tenant has passed referencing and there is a tenancy agreement in place then the insurance will be valid.

  • There is no legal requirement for the product, although it is highly advisable if you have no other means of covering costs of the property.

  • You can cover up to 25 tenants for a student let/HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) . You will need a separate policy for each tenancy agreement.

  • No, the policy is designed to pay rent while the tenant resides at the property (but is unable to pay rent). If they leave, there will be no cover for future rent due.

  • You can take out a policy, but any claim for their arrears/eviction will be excluded.

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