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Landlords Rent Guarantee Insurance

Rent Guarantee Insurance

Purchase rent guarantee insurance from £160 per property*

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  • Up to 15 months’ rental cover
  • Landlord Legal expenses helpline 24/7
  • Up to 15 months’ rental cover
  • Landlord Legal expenses helpline 24/7
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Purchase our rent guarantee insurance and get peace of mind when renting out your properties. Our rent guarantee insurance policy also comes with legal expenses as standard, so you can get rent protection in the event of a tenant defaulting and any legal expenses costs you may face, such as costs for evicting a tenant, covered.

  • Cover up to £2,500 in rental income per month 
  • Up to 15 months’ rental cover
  • Up to 3 months rental cover following eviction at 75% of monthly rent
  • Full landlord legal expenses up to £100,000 (including eviction costs)
  • Landlord legal expenses helpline 24/7
  • Access to online health and safety documents
  • All tenant types considered

Need landlord building insurance and rent guarantee?
Save an additional £55 from your rent guarantee insurance policy when you purchase a landlord policy from us.

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

landlord insurance rent guarantee and legal expenses

Alan Boswell Group appreciates the time and effort it takes to find the right tenant(s) and the need to protect rental income for the property. However, sometimes, circumstances out of a tenant’s control, such as redundancy, may result in a rent default. It is at this point that a rent protection insurance such as landlord rent guarantee insurance can make all the difference. Because we understand this, we have created a policy that caters to a variety of events.

View our landlord advice hub for useful information to help landlords and property owners find the advice and products needed.

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What is Rent guarantee insurance?

Rent guarantee insurance protects landlords against loss of rental income should tenants be unable to pay their rent. In addition, our policy includes legal expenses which will cover the legal costs of regaining possession of your property section notices, evictions, and professional legal advice, up to £100,000.

Who is rent guarantee insurance for?

Rent guarantee insurance is recommended for anybody who could financially suffer should the property they are renting no longer be receiving a rental income. Even the best tenants may find themselves in a difficult situation and unable to pay the rent you rely on, so rent guarantee insurance is a valuable safety net should you no longer receive payments as expected.

  • There is no legal requirement for the product, although it is highly advisable if you rely on the rental income.

  • If your tenant stops paying their rent but remains in your property you will need to submit a claim. We will then instruct our appointed solicitors on your behalf to review your case. Upon approval of your claim our solicitors will help you gain possession of the property, and the policy will continue to make the rental payments that have not been paid by the tenant. These payments will continue for a maximum of 15 months, with up to three months’ worth of payments at 75% of the rental amount paid after eviction (while the property is empty).

Rent Guarantee insurance in detail

Rent guarantee insurance is a valuable insurance policy for many landlords who want rental income protection. Landlord insurance with rent guarantee and legal expenses is a perfect combination for any professional or residential landlord, providing cover if your tenant defaults and fails to pay the rent on your property.

The benefits of rent guarantee insurance are:

  • Rental income cover Cover up to £2,500 in rental income per month for up to 15 months.
  • Legal expenses cover Cover for up to £100,000 legal expenses for eviction (including the issue of relevant section notices), property legal disputes, repair and renovation disputes, health & safety investigations and tax investigations.
  • Legal advice helpline The policy provides you with access to a 24/7 legal advice helpline.
  • Guidance Access to online health and safety documents.

What do I need to check before buying a rent guarantee policy?

Before buying rent guarantee insurance, you should ensure that you meet all legal requirements for renting out a property and have the correct documents to hand. You will need to be able to provide evidence of the following:

  • Affordability – your tenant needs to be earning at least two and a half times the monthly rental amount. This can be from working income, benefits, and pensions, or a combination of all three.
  • A credit check clear of CCJs, bankruptcies or IVA’s – tenants need to be clear of IVA’s, CCJS and bankruptcies for at least 3 years.
  • Proof of identification – we need two forms of ID to confirm the tenant’s identity, one of which needs to include a photo. We usually suggest a passport or driving licence along with a utility bill.
  • A legal tenancy agreement – there must be a legal tenancy agreement in place at the time of making a claim, if this is not the case then the policy will be void.

The policy also requires that all documents you are required to issue by law have been issued to the tenant, these include:

  • How to rent guide
  • Gas safety certificate
  • EPC
  • Deposit prescribed information (if taken)

Your tenants will have to be satisfactorily referenced using two forms of ID, one of which needs to be photographic, for a rent guarantee insurance policy to be valid. We will also accept evidence they have passed the right to rent as proof of identification.

Find out more about tenant referencing here.

  • If a tenant failed the tenant reference checks, they would be able to use a guarantor instead. However, a guarantor will have to complete and pass the reference checks and achieve a higher affordability factor to ensure the tenants right to rent.

  • If your tenant can’t get a guarantor, then you will be unable to purchase a policy as the acceptance criteria hasn’t been met.

  • Yes, guarantors will have to be credit checked by the policyholder to ensure they do not have any CCJs or bankruptcies outstanding or settled within the last three years.

  • Definitions of ‘bad credit rating’ vary, so for guarantors to be accepted you need to ensure they do not have any CCJs or bankruptcies outstanding or settled within the last three years.

  • If a tenant has not met the acceptance criteria and a guarantor is in place and the tenant defaults then the guarantor will be liable for the rent.

  • Yes, but this would need agreement from whoever the guarantor agreement is with. If a guarantor is removed the insurance policy may become invalid.


Rent guarantee and legal expenses cost

How much does rent guarantee insurance cost?

Thanks to our close insurer relationships, we can provide rent guarantee and legal expenses insurance at a competitive price. Plus, if you take it out when buying a landlord insurance policy with us, we can give you an exclusive discount.

Monthly rental incomeInsurance cost when bought with landlord insurance from Alan Boswell Group Insurance cost per property per year
Up to £2,500£160 for 12 months £215 for 12 months

Purchase stand-alone rent guarantee insurance with legal expenses, follow the link below.

Rent guarantee with legal expenses

Standalone landlord legal expenses

You are also able to purchase a standalone cover for landlord legal expenses insurance, the cover is available for £40 if purchased in conjunction with an Alan Boswell Group landlord insurance policy.

Alternatively, landlord legal expenses insurance can be purchased for £60 on a standalone basis.

Making a claim

Should your tenant fall into arrears you have 60 days to submit a claim on your rent guarantee policy.

In the first instance you should contact the tenant to establish the reasoning behind the missed rental payment and try to agree a payment plan.

Should the tenants not be able to make the rental payment you would be required to submit a claim form, uploading the relevant documents and the relevant information.

Upon acceptance of the claim and after the second missed rental payment, the policy will act to issue the relevant section notice to initiate eviction proceedings and make the rental payments.

At the conclusion of the claim, the final payment will be made and you will have the possession of your property which you can then re-let.

Submit a claim

  • You must try speaking with your tenants first  and see if you can make an arrangement to repay the arrears. If this doesn’t work and they can’t/don’t pay, the following eviction notices must be served before you can claim:

    • Section 8 notice: also known as a notice to quit or possession notice. A Section 8 notice seeks possession of your property if the tenant won’t leave
    • Ultimately, if your tenant(s) can’t pay, you can issue a Section 21 notice which ends the tenancy.

    For more information about how to evict tenants, click here

    Give us a call today, or click here to find out more and purchase rent guarantee insurance for your properties.

  • No, the policy is designed to pay rent while the tenant resides at the property (but is unable to pay rent). If they leave, there will be no cover for future rent due.


  • Yes, as long as you meet the acceptance criteria.

  • Under normal circumstance landlord insurance usually covers Loss of Rent following a claim under the main policy.  However, if your tenants simply stop paying their rent then your landlord’s insurance will not cover this and you would need a separate legal expenses and rent guarantee insurance which would provide cover to evict the tenant and pay your rent during the process.

  • Yes, the insurance is based on the property. As long as the new tenant has passed referencing and there is a tenancy agreement in place then the insurance will be valid.

  • There is no legal requirement for the product, although it is highly advisable if you rely on the rental income.

  • You can cover up to 4 tenants per policy, if you wish to cover more than 4 please contact us. 

  • This is not possible.

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