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Latest News The importance of employer’s liability insurance for landlords

The importance of employer’s liability insurance for landlords

The importance of employer's liability insurance for landlords

Landlords who employ one or more people to look after their property, such as gardeners, janitors and cleaners, should be aware that they may be liable if anyone is injured as a result of their work. With the UK’s growing compensation culture, having a comprehensive employer’s liability insurance policy has never been so important.

Employer liability claims can run into their thousands, so it’s vital that you’re adequately covered. If your business has one or more employees, you’re required to have a minimum of £5m worth of cover. However, many employers take £10m worth of insurance to cover all eventualities. This includes casual, temporary and part-time staff and you could be faced with a £2,500 fine for every day you are not insured.

Landlord liability example

Your handyman uses a faulty ladder that results in him falling off and seriously injuring himself.

If you are proven to be responsible for this accident, employer insurance will cover any pay outs that you may be liable for.

How to apply for employer’s liability insurance

Buying employers liability insurance is a simple process. Before buying a policy with the likes of Alan Boswell, be sure to have your Employer’s Reference Number (ERN). To obtain an ERN, you must register as an employer. This will allow your employers liability policy to be traced should an employee need to make a claim as well as ensure that claims can be dealt with quickly.

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