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Energy rules for Landlords

In England and Wales since 1 April 2018, the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) confirmed that rented commercial and domestic properties must reach at least an ‘E’ rating on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) before landlords can grant a new tenancy to new or existing tenants.

From April 2020 these requirements will apply to all private (domestic) rented properties too, even where there has been no change in tenancy agreement. Non-domestic properties will be affected from April 2023.

Stay compliant

Although the deadline is next year, we suggest our customers act now if not already doing so. While there may be some exemptions, virtually all properties built, sold or leased since 2008 require an EPC and will be affected by MEES.

Our top tips

  • Ascertain properties without an EPC and assess if these building will require one.
  • Identify properties ‘at risk’ and those currently with an F or G grade and consider a new EPC to check the ratings.
  • Properties with an F and G rating will need to be upgraded. Check with consultants on what improvements can be made to increase the EPC rating and remain compliant.
  • Avoid underinsurance – speak to your local broker for guidance and to ensure you have the correct cover in place.

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