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Latest News Hitting the water

Hitting the water

Hitting the water - news

It’s official – Britain is a nation of hobbyists. A recent survey revealed that 95% of British adults have hobbies and 26% spend more time on them than they do on their social lives. On average, we spend the equivalent of one full day a week on our hobbies, while committing an average of £44.42 every month on keeping up with our pastimes.

Boating season

The nature of these hobbies can vary enormously of course – from sedentary pursuits like reading or stamp collecting to physically demanding activities like snowboarding or mountain climbing.

Many outdoor hobbies come into their own at this time of year, when the British weather is at its finest and we have the odd sunny day. Here in East Anglia, where Alan Boswell Group is based, it’s the season for getting out on the water, as locals and visitors alike take to the Norfolk Broads in their droves.

Keeping healthy

Hobbies like boating keep us physically fit and mentally active, challenging our minds and bodies in unusual and rewarding ways. In fact, many of us here at Alan Boswell Group are keen boaters ourselves. That’s why we specialise in Broad Boat Insurance, drawing on our marine insurance experience, alongside first-hand knowledge of the risks and requirements involved.

As such, we know that your insurance needs will vary depending on the type of boat you own and where you sail it. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy your hobby safely and securely, with a straightforward policy in place. We even include racing cover as standard, so if you want to enter the local regatta you can do so without having to change your policy. And if you do run into any difficulties, our expert team are only a phone call away – and they’re just as knowledgeable and enthusiastic about boating as you are.

Take it easy

Any committed boating enthusiast realises the need for full insurance because they know the risks and their legal responsibilities. They also know that at this time of year, not everyone out on the water is as capable or as experienced as they are.

Knowing that you’re fully insured by a local company that has a genuine interest in and knowledge of boating means that you can relax and enjoy your hobby the way it’s meant to be done – at your leisure.

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