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Latest News Thinking of getting a NEBOSH general certificate qualification?

Thinking of getting a NEBOSH general certificate qualification?

Thinking of getting a NEBOSH general certificate qualification?

The NEBOSH National General Certificate has rapidly become the must-have qualification for not only those looking to work in health and safety, but general managers too.

Indeed, nearly three quarters of all NEBOSH certificate students are in management roles rather than safety-specific jobs, as companies increasingly recognise the benefits of a safer, more productive workplace.

Providing a solid understanding of risk management and health and safety, the General Certificate is held by more than 220,000 people worldwide.

We’ve put together a guide about what’s involved in obtaining the qualification, how to get qualified, and the benefits to employees undertaking the course.

How do I get a NEBOSH general certificate?

More and more companies are encouraging their management staff to undertake the NEBOSH general certificate in occupational health and safety, which brings tangible benefits to employers.

There are no entry requirements to undertake a course, other than a suitable standard of English language to be able to understand and articulate the level of work.

But how do you go about getting qualified, and what’s involved in the course?

  • Find a NEBOSH-approved course provider: all students must find a NEBOSH learning partner to undertake the course – it is not possible to self-study for the qualification. The NEBOSH website has a list of all global providers so you can find one close to your location.
  • Enrol on a course: once you’ve found a course provider you can often enrol on a course online, choosing from a variety of dates across the year to suit you.
  • Complete the course: course providers offer a variety of study options, from full-time block release, to part-time and evening study, and e-learning. Choose the course that suits you and your employer best and complete it in the time allowed.
  • Take and pass the exams: the NEBOSH exams are undertaken in two parts, an open book exam where students are given 24 hours to complete questions on a given scenario, and a marked risk assessment based on the student’s own workplace.
  • Obtain your qualification: once you’ve passed the exams, you are presented with your NEBOSH general certificate, giving you an all-round knowledge of health and safety management and risk assessment.


What is covered on the NEBOSH general certificate course?

The NEBOSH general certificate is broken down into two parts: NG1, covering the management of health and safety; and NG2, covering risk assessment.

NG1 covers:

  • the reasons why health and safety is so important and an overview of the legal standards;
  • how health and safety management systems work;
  • improving health and safety culture, risk assessments, developing safe systems, and emergency procedures;
  • monitoring and measuring, accident reporting, investigations, and health and safety auditing.

Along with general workplace issues like working at height, lone working, and slips, trips and falls, NG2 covers:

  • physical and psychological health hazards, like noise, mental health, and work-related violence;
  • musculoskeletal health, including manual handling;
  • chemical and biological risks;
  • dealing with equipment, tools, and machinery in the workplace;
  • fire and electrical safety.


Is a NEBOSH general certificate worth doing?

In a word, yes, the NEBOSH general certificate is becoming increasingly important as a health and safety and / or management qualification in a fiercely competitive jobs market.

Here are four ways employees can benefit from taking the NEBOSH course.

  1. Boost your career: passing the general certificate shows your bosses that you are committed to learning and helping your workplace become more efficient, safe, and productive. Most job adverts in the health and safety environment specify the qualification as either ‘desirable’ or ‘required’ but, even if you work in general management, it shows a willingness to embrace a good health and safety culture.
  2. Transferable skills: the NEBOSH general certificate is a globally-recognised award across every workplace in every industry, giving you the skills to transfer to another sector.
  3. Gain practical skills: the course provides a toolkit of practical skills from conducting risk assessments, reducing and mitigating risks, and supporting a positive health and safety culture, all of which can help you and your team improve performance.
  4. Influence your company: the knowledge gained will allow managers to influence other people in the workplace, from directors to operational workers, to build a better health and safety culture.

Read about the seven benefits of the NEBOSH general certificate to businesses


What is a NEBOSH general certificate equivalent to?

Is NEBOSH equivalent to a degree?

NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is equivalent to the Regulated Qualifications Framework Level 3 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, which equates to one A-level.

In Scotland, it is equivalent to an SCQF Level 6.


Can I use NEBOSH after my name?

You can’t use NEBOSH after your name if you have completed the National General Certificate.

However, if you continue your studies and obtain the NEBOSH Diploma, which is equivalent to an honours degree, you can use DipNEBOSH after your name.


Is the NEBOSH National General Certificate hard to pass?

The NEBOSH National General Certificate is certainly not easy to pass, as befits a qualification in the very serious area of health and safety.

There is a lot of detail to be learned, including around health and safety legislation, but with hard work and the right attitude to study, there’s no reason why you can’t pass with flying colours.


How long do you have to complete the NEBOSH general certificate?

The NEBOSH general certificate requires a total of 80 to 120 hours of study time, some of which is tuition time, and some self-study and revision.

If you are undertaking a classroom-based course, it is likely to run for two weeks before you take your exam within a week of completing your studies.

Alternatively, an e-learning course can leave you free to study when it’s convenient for you, but the length of total study time is likely to be similar.

Once you’ve passed, you’ve passed – there is no requirement to renew your qualification periodically.

However, if you want to further your studies by taking the NEBOSH Diploma, you need to do so within five years of passing your general certificate.


Alan Boswell Risk Management NEBOSH General Certificate training

Alan Boswell Risk Management (ABRM) offers a comprehensive range of risk management, health and safety, and training services.

ABRM runs a NEBOSH general certificate course with face-to-face tuition five days a week for two weeks, with additional complementary revision days prior to the exam for students who feel they need additional support.

Chartered practitioners guide a small group of students through both NG1 and NG2 parts of the course, ensuring each student gets the support they need.

Limited spaces are available on each course, use the form below to book yours.

H&S training booking

Please select your preferred date. Prices exclude VAT.
Please select your preferred date. Prices exclude VAT.

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