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Latest News The insurance claims process explained

The insurance claims process explained

Insurance claims team

While insurance cover is a legal requirement for some employers and businesses, more often than not, it’s designed to provide peace of mind. If an unfortunate incident occurs, you know you are covered against financial loss.

But if an unexpected event does happen, do you know how to report an insurance claim? What do you need to do? How long will it take?

Obviously, the process is going to be slightly different for different types of insurance policy. Claiming on your car insurance after an accident, for instance, is going to be different to claiming for burst water pipes or a break-in on your home insurance. Nevertheless, there are standard things you should expect and steps you can take to make the insurance claims process run more smoothly.

Keep calm when making an insurance claim

Don’t panic or rush into anything. Be sure to write down all the facts, including the date and time and the details of any other parties involved.

Have your papers ready

It’s a good idea to have the relevant information to hand, including the policy documents, receipts or other paperwork and photographs of valuable items in their insured condition. If the incident you are reporting is one that will involve the police then you should contact them as soon as possible, before contacting your insurer. This is often a policy requirement.

Follow the correct procedure

Once you have your policy documents, check that you’re covered and follow the procedure outlined. There may be specific requirements in terms of how repair work should be approached. For instance, it may be that everything should be arranged through your insurer.

Call your broker

If you use an insurance broker, they’ll be able to offer you support and advice with your claim, so it may be worth calling them first. At Alan Boswell Group, we often have delegated claims authority, which means we can settle claims ourselves, without referring back to the insurance provider. That means you will only have to make one call to notify us of the claim and everything will be taken care of. Even when we don’t have this authority, we will support you through the process.

How long will it take?

You should hear back from your insurer or broker within three working days. After that, the length of time a claim takes to be settled depends on its complexity and the response of any other parties involved. Most claims are relatively easy and straightforward to process, but complex claims can take longer to sort out. The more evidence and information you can provide the quicker a claim will be finalised.

Insurance claims must take into account all the relevant facts, so many questions will be asked along the way. This doesn’t mean your insurer is suspicious; it just means they’re doing a thorough job to protect their own and your interests. Be sure to answer any questions promptly and honestly to find a swift resolution.

Visit our claims page to find out more about how we work.

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