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Latest News Top tips for home insurance on darker nights

Top tips for home insurance on darker nights

Protect your home in winter

Now that the clocks have gone back, summer is well and truly behind us and the dark nights are starting to draw in from five o’clock onwards. Unfortunately, although people are perhaps more likely to be at home in the autumn and winter months, the longer hours of darkness do see a substantial increase in the number of burglary claims made every year.

Comprehensive home insurance is vital all year round so that – if the worst should happen – you can replace your losses and put your home life back together. But insurance can’t compensate for the sense of violation and the loss of irreplaceable items of sentimental value. For this reason, it’s especially important once the clocks go back to think about reviewing your home security set-up. Here are a few top tips on keeping your home safe through the darkest months.

Keep the lights on

Leaving your house lights on so that potential thieves think you’re at home while you’re out is a basic precaution. You might want to consider having timed lights that only come on once darkness falls, or leaving a radio or television on as well for added authenticity. You can even buy a lamp that simulates the glow of a television if for some reason you don’t want to leave your actual TV switched on (or maybe don’t own one). Outside security lights triggered by motion sensors are also a good idea.

Check your locks

Again, keeping all doors and windows securely locked is a given. If you have old-fashioned sash windows, you might want to consider replacing the locks with modern key locks and checking the frames aren’t rotten or insecure. Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular, which use a virtual key such as a signal or password on your smartphone.

Keep an eye out

Home CCTV systems are also becoming increasingly popular. At one end of the scale, a wireless security camera can be web-enabled so you can stream footage to your phone while you’re out; at the other end, cheap dummy CCTV cameras are as much of a deterrent as the real thing.

Sound the alarm

Burglar alarms are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with a variety of settings in terms of triggers (opening a door/window, movement) and result (alarm, message to your phone or the authorities). Shop around, and choose the option that works best for you.

If all else fails and you need to fall back on your home insurance Alan Boswell Group has an in-house claims team who will deal directly on your behalf. Speak to an adviser today on 01603 218000 or we’ll call you back.

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