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Savings & Investment

Start planning for your future and the financial security of the ones closest to you.

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Savings and investments vary greatly in terms of where the money is invested and what they aim to achieve, with options to suit most people’s objectives. Whether you want to save for school fees, a deposit for a house or an extravagant holiday, it is essential that you hold investments that match your personal attitude to risk and take the best advantage of your taxation status.

With the options of leaving it in the bank, taking out an ISA, investing in a unit trusts and more, there are lots of options to choose from.
Diversification can spread the risk and limit your exposure to one particular area.

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

Alan Boswell & Co Ltd can create an investment portfolio designed to meet your financial goals and provide a regular review to ensure that this remains on track. We’ll get to know you and your needs, so you hold investments that match your personal attitude to risk and take best advantage of your taxation status.

If you already have a portfolio of investments we can carry out a review to ensure that the various components are performing within your expectations and that your requirements have not changed since the portfolio was originally constructed.

Savings & investments for you and your family

Getting advice

We provide expert advice that we can help you find the most appropriate savings and investment solution.

Find your level of risk

Our financial advisers will look at your entire financial situation, taking into account the plans you have for your money, how much is needed for emergencies and the level of risk you are prepared to take.

Regular reviews

The advisers will then recommend a solution, arrange for it to be implemented and, if required, review your savings and investments on a regular basis.

Your Savings and Investment expert

Our expert advisers are here to help you understand your savings & investment options and will make recommendations based your financial objectives.

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  • This depends on the type of savings or investment product you have. Some, such as Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are tax free, but there are maximum amounts that can be invested each tax year. Our advisers can help find the most appropriate savings or investments solution to meet your objectives.

  • This will depend on who you hold the investments with. Some funds may have exit penalties if money is withdrawn within a certain timescale. However, even if you are able to access your money easily, if you are considering investing it should be with money that you don’t have any plans for over the next few years, as most investments should be viewed as medium to long term.

  • The level of risk will differ depending on which assets your funds invest into and in what proportion. Over the longer term, investments have the potential to outperform the returns from other deposit based accounts, but the money you invest will also be at risk of dropping in value. Our advisers will take the time to understand your attitude to investment risk so that investment solutions recommended are suitable.


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