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Our dinghy insurance is designed for sailors, fishermen, recreational boaters, water sports enthusiasts, lifeguards, researchers, tour operators, and others, catering across a range of water-related activities and purposes. Unique cover options are available to suit your needs.

Purchase dinghy insurance cover for your beloved boat and hit the water knowing you have the right cover in place. Our cover can offer you a range of benefits such as 25% discount after five years and your no claims bonus is automatically protected. Other policy benefits included:

  • Transit risk
  • £5m in third-party liability
  • 25% discount after five years
  •  Multi-vessel discount

Talk to us about your requirements and we will provide you with a comprehensive policy for your needs and requirements.

Finding you the best insurance for your dinghy

personal insurance

We’d like to think of ourselves as boat enthusiasts.

We are specialists in providing bespoke insurance tailored to meet your precise requirements and that’s no different when it come to your dinghy. Whether your preference is a Standard Dinghy, High-Buoyancy, Norwegian Pram, Dories or a Whitehall Rowboat, we can assist you in selecting the ideal insurance policy for both you and your boat.

How our customers rate us

I felt the service I received was genuine, warm, friendly and knowledgeable.

Mr Wilkinson, Boat Insurance

Dingy Insurance in detail

Benefits of our dinghy insurance

  • Simple to buy We remove onerous survey requirements and replace it with a simple condition report, including the option to self-certify (just because a boat is 50 years old it doesn't mean it's falling to bits!). For boats over 25 years of age and 26ft or over, a self-certificate survey and two photos are required. We rarely need an independent condition report, but there will be the odd occasion the insurer asks for one.
  • Generous no claims bonus Protected discount can be built up over five years at up to 25% discount.
  • Multi-vessel discounts Available for two or more boats. Up to 20% discount available depending on the number of boats insured on the scheme.
  • Repair clause Policy will pay up to 125% of the hull sum insured for repairs (to recognise that older motorboats are often more expensive to repair than simply buying a replacement).
  • Racing cover Automatically included for all sailing boats (so you can compete in the annual regatta without fear of being uninsured).
  • Fixed policy excess The amount you pay is not a percentage of the loss. No excess is payable if your motorboat is damaged whilst moored in a marina berth.
  • Keen pricing We offer what online quote engines can't. By discussing your motorboat with us over the phone or via email, we can obtain competitive cover tailored to your requirements.

Policy details

Your insurance needs will vary depending on what you sail and where, but can include:

  • Loss or damage To the vessel, gear, and equipment.
  • Legal liability for claims made by third parties Including passengers and guests on-board, or when embarking or disembarking the vessel.
  • Transit risk Within Europe. If the boat is on a trailer and is written off you are covered (bruising, denting, and scratching is excluded)
  • Loss of gear and equipment from the exterior Cover for your boat following a forcible theft.
  • Personal accident cover and medical expenses For the owner and guests.
  • Outboard motor cover In case of dropping off and falling overboard.
  • Salvage charges and liability Following a sinking of your boat this cover is for the cost of raising or the removal of wreckage.

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  • Boat insurance protects your vessel, its equipment, your liability to other craft on the water, and the people on your boat.

    While it is not a legal requirement to have insurance simply if you own a boat, you will need at least third-party cover to use it on the UK’s inland waterways. Most UK harbours and marinas also insist on a minimum of third-party cover to protect all their customers.

  • To own a boat kept ashore, no licence is required. However, for inland waterways usage, registration, potential licensing, a BSS certificate, and third-party insurance (usually with a £1m limit, though the Broads Authority requires £2m) are needed.

    The BSS certificate is essential for boats with certain permanent electrical systems. Using a boat without required documentation invalidates insurance. Consult the navigation authority for specific requirements on your waterway. If sailing beyond UK waters, a registration document from the UK Ship Register is mandatory.

  • Not necessarily. While a Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) certificate is essential for registering or obtaining a licence on inland waterways, there are exceptions. For instance, privately owned ‘open boats’ without motors, such as canoes, don’t need one. Some motorboats, especially those without electrical systems, may also be exempt. It’s always best to consult the navigation authority for specifics. However, boats requiring the BSS certificate must be tested every four years, and owners should ensure they maintain the necessary standards.