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Personal Home & Property Insurance Personal Insurance Unoccupied Property Insurance and Renovation insurance

Unoccupied Property Insurance is for property owners or landlords. Unoccupied property insurance can be used when a property is being renovated and not occupied. Our policy covers properties undergoing renovation Standard household insurance products will not provide the level of cover required. While some standard household policies offer minimal protection, most household policies will not. Many renovation projects are on buildings of non-standard construction, so it is essential to make sure the insurance is adapted to cater for this.

  • Cover for properties undergoing renovation
  • Cover for long-term unoccupied properties
  • Wider levels of cover than standard household insurance
  • Low policy excesses
  • Policies from 1 to 12 months available

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

ABG Difference - Non Standard Home

Having dealt with a variety of insurance requirements over a number of years we appreciate that not all risks are standard. As an independent insurance broker we are not tied to any specific insurer enabling us to select from a range of products suitable for your needs. We work closely with insurers and have access to options many of our competitors do not.


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Unoccupied Property Insurance in detail

Non-standard risks can vary significantly and it is important you have the appropriate covers:

  • Property Owners Liability This covers costs or damages awarded to a third party for injury or damage sustained on, or related to, your property e.g. postman slips over an unsafe path on your property.
  • Property Damage Cover for property damage, including damage caused by: Fire, Flood, Storm, Escape of water, Subsidence
  • Contents Insurance Cover for damage or theft of contents within your property.

This cover provides high levels of flexibility:

  • High limit of £500,000 works to property
  • No stringent security measures required, as long a property is secure
  • Wider cover applies to renovated properties as soon as work starts, minimal cover until then
  • Not just basic cover of FLEEA – Fire, Lightening, Earthquake, Explosion, Aircraft
  • Policy excesses of only £250
  • Existing structure cover only.

Unoccupied properties will be required to be visited once every 30 days.
Heating must be on from 1st October to 31st March or the heating system must be drained for unoccupied properties.


  • Unoccupied properties are defined as a property where no one resides at the property as their main residence. There is normally a defined period of time where a property needs to be empty for it to be classified as unoccupied, but this varies from 30 to 90 days dependent on the policy and previous use of property e.g. main residence or inherited.

  • Yes, you can, although at the outset it makes sense to overestimate the time involved as the pricing to extend is based on short-term policies.

  • No, until the property is secured and brought up to a reasonable standard you are unable to insure the property.

  • Yes you can, but you are unable to do so on a household policy and it will require an unoccupied commercial property insurance

  • No, but it is possible to get another policy to cover this

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