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Clients of Alan Boswell Group can benefit from cover from Call Assist, one of the UK’s largest providers of motor breakdown cover.

Call Assist repair more than 75% of vehicles at the roadside, and over 95% of customers would recommend them after a breakdown. Here are some of the other benefits of Call Assist breakdown cover through Alan Boswell Group:

  • Home and roadside assistance as standard.
  • Unlimited call outs.
  • No age restrictions.
  • Personal and commercial vehicles.
  • From just £69 per year.

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

ABG Difference

We are not on any internet comparison sites and do not have any cuddly toys or gimmicky marketing tricks. We simply put all our effort in providing our customers the best cover, for the right price combined with a premium-level service.

We believe in providing our customers competitive car insurance with products suitable for their needs. Being independent we are able to offer impartial advice on the best product for your needs. Our reputation in the market enables us to negotiate competitive pricing, ensuring you get value for money.

How our customers rate us

I have used Alan Boswell for about 15 years now and have always been exceptionally pleased with the service.

Mr Calver, Private Car Insurance

Call Assist breakdown cover in detail

A breakdown can happen to anyone at any time – and it’s not just old, unreliable cars that can breakdown. Punctures and flat batteries are the two biggest culprits of a call-out and they can happen to any car, new or old.

The cost of a call-out can be very high and with many recovery services you’ll just get towed to the nearest garage for a repair.

Alan Boswell Group recommend breakdown cover through Call Assist, who repair more than 75% of vehicles at the roadside. Alan Boswell Group clients can also benefit from Call Assist breakdown cover at a reduced rate (from just £69 per year if you have a motor insurance policy with us).

Our Call Assist cover includes:

  • Roadside assistance Roadside assistance more than 1 mile away from home and recovery for driver and passengers.
  • Nationwide recovery Recovery of the vehicle and passengers to any UK destination if the vehicle cannot be repaired.
  • Home assist Assistance if the vehicle breaks down at home or within 1 mile of home.
  • Onward travel / overnight accommodation If a longer repair is needed you have a choice of hire car, alternative transport or overnight accommodation for driver and passengers.
  • European cover Breakdown cover in 42 countries and their offshore islands in continental Europe (optional for self-drive hire motorhome policies, included as standard on personal social, domestic and pleasure motorhome policies).
  • Unlimited callouts No limit on home or roadside assistance callouts.
  • Caravan and trailer recovery If you breakdown with a caravan or trailer attached then this will be recovered at no extra cost.
  • Driver illness or injury cover If you are unable to continue your journey due to injury or illness, a driver will be provided to return your vehicle.


Roadside, recovery, at home & onward travel features:

  • 24/7 breakdown assistance and recovery in UK, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and for residents of Guernsey and Jersey.
  • Cover within one mile from your home address.
  • Transport for you, your passengers and your vehicle to any UK destination if your vehicle cannot be fixed.
  • No call out limit.
  • Free labour at the roadside.
  • 60 minutes labour at the roadside.
  • If the vehicle can’t be fixed at the roadside and needs a longer fix, you can choose from a hire car, overnight accommodation, or alternative transport options for you and your passengers.

EU cover features

  • If the vehicle cannot be fixed by planned return date, we will cover the cost of unaccompanied recovery of the vehicle to the UK up to the market value of the vehicle.
  • Alternative transport provided to get the passengers back home if the vehicle is unrepairable.
  • Cover for multiple trips to Europe for up to 90 days per trip.
  • Alternative transport costs up to £500, and £200 towards returning to collect the repaired vehicle. Overnight accommodation £150 per person, per night, up to £1000.


Roadside, recovery, at home & onward travel exclusions:

  • Parts costs.
  • Specialist equipment costs.
  • Hire car does not cover fuel, insurance excesses or delivery/collection costs.
  • Hire car subject to terms & conditions e.g. age limits/card deposits/availability.
  • In the event of illness, customers will be asked to prove they are the only viable driver in their party.

EU cover exclusions:

  • Cost of recovery to the UK when in excess of the market value of the vehicle.
  • The costs of meals and any extra costs.

Why bother with breakdown cover?

A lot of people think breakdown cover isn’t a necessity – so we’ve compiled a list of the main objections to taking out a motor breakdown policy:

  • Great, do you know what level of cover you have? Does it include at home or national recovery?

    It’s worth checking the type of cover; personal or vehicle. Most bank accounts are personal cover which is great as it covers you if you’re travelling in any vehicle. But does anyone else drive your vehicle? Your partner, child or a relative?

  • The two most common causes of breakdown are a puncture or a flat battery; these can happen to any vehicle.

    Many modern vehicles now don’t even carry a spare wheel. Maybe worth checking.

  • Did you know Call Assist fix over 80% of vehicles at the roadside? Remember your friend may be a mechanic, but you’ve still got to get your vehicle to them!

  • Even so, it may be worth checking with your local recovery company to understand how much they would charge to recover you, should you breakdown. Costs vary nationwide but it can be in the region of £150 and more for larger vehicles.

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