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Cash is king for any business, regardless of its size. However, trading on credit terms and the ongoing troubles with late payment can lead to cash flow challenges and restrict the potential of even the most profitable of businesses.

Alan Boswell Group has therefore teamed up with Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions to provide access to cash flow finance facilities designed to improve access to working capital.

A commercial finance broker with more than 20 years’ experience, Hilton-Baird can help you to:

  • Identify the most suitable cash flow finance solutions on the market
  • Find the lender which understands your business and sector
  • Benchmark your existing funding facilities to ensure they’re the most appropriate
  • Bring expertise to your funding search, saving you time and resource in the process

Click here to find out more about Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions, or email [email protected] to speak to their funding experts.

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

ABG difference

We have worked with Hilton-Baird for many years to help each other’s clients access the support they need to reach their potential.

Established in 1997, they are an FCA-authorised and award-winning independent broker that specialises in identifying the most suitable funding facilities for businesses of all sizes.

With expertise across the commercial finance market and access to a multitude of banks and independent lenders, they are ideally placed to introduce your business to the solution that fits.

Cash Flow Finance in detail

The type of finance available to your business includes:

  • Factoring
  • Invoice discounting
  • Asset based finance
  • Trade finance

These financial products support your working capital and ultimately give you peace of mind that the business can grow successfully and key relationships with suppliers and employees are maintained.

Credit insurance can be used to underpin your finance arrangements and, subject to meeting the terms and conditions of the policy, will pay out against buyer insolvency and protracted default.

Over the years our business has foreseen the change in commercial requirements and has the experience to arrange a complete and tailored solution which protects the long-term future of your business.

There are alternative sources of funding that can be obtained depending on your business needs and can support your working capital at a time when you want to realise your key business objectives.

These alternative sources of finance include:

  • Commercial mortgages
  • Commercial loans
  • Equity finance
  • Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG)
  • Bridging loans

Related products

We have a range of other insurance products that can help your business.

Credit Insurance

Credit insurance protects your business from financial loss incurred through a customer’s non-payment or insolvency.

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Agricultural & Horticultural Credit Insurance Scheme

Credit insurance will protect against the insolvency of/refusal to pay by your customers. Our scheme policy is aimed at companies in the agricultural and horticultural industries, including those trading in fresh produce, herbs, flowers, dairy products, and livestock, among others.

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Specific Account Insurance

This type of policy is suitable for a company that has a large or excessive exposure to a single company or group of companies. Specific account cover is protection that looks after one-off larger contracts, or the debt owed by one of a company’s largest customers.

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Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting is a type of cash flow finance, releasing cash against a company’s sales ledger.

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Whole-Turnover Insurance

A large number of credit insurance policies are written on this basis, particularly in the SME and mid-market arenas. This means you provide the insurer with a forecast of your annual turnover but you can exclude customers where you get paid before the goods are despatched or the customer is not a credit risk such as government bodies.

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Specific Account Insurance

This type of policy is suitable for a company that has a large or excessive exposure to a single company or group of companies. Specific account cover is protection that looks after one-off larger contracts, or the debt owed by one of a company’s largest customers.

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  • Finding the time to search for suitable funding solutions can be tough, but using an independent broker such as Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions can take this burden away. By considering your specific funding needs and wants, Hilton-Baird can introduce the facilities and funders that represent the most effective match and provide your business with the tools to realise its potential. Their knowledge of the commercial finance market and awareness of the wide-ranging products means that their funding experts can introduce your business to the ideal facilities.

  • After speaking with one of their funding consultants and explaining your requirements, Hilton-Baird will endeavour to contact you within 24 hours to discuss your options. From there, however, timings can vary depending on a range of variables, including the nature of the facility, your requirements and how soon you are able to assess the options presented to you and meet the potential funding partners.

  • Upon discussing your options, Hilton-Baird will proceed to introduce the suitable funder(s) so that you can discuss the facility in more detail. Meetings can be arranged at a mutually convenient time and location so that the funder can gain further insight into your business. It is important to note that there is absolutely no obligation to buy at this stage and that Hilton-Baird, as a broker, will continue to support you throughout the process and are always on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have.

  • Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions is an independent and FCA-authorised commercial finance broker with more than 20 years’ experience of introducing businesses to the most suitable funding facilities. Voted Invoice Finance Broker of the Year at the 2018 Business Moneyfacts Awards, they specialise in asset based finance and take pride in the fact 100% of their clients say they would recommend their services to other businesses. Associates of UK Finance and members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, Finance & Leasing Association, and Commercial Finance Association, they are a company we have worked with for many years to the benefit of our clients.

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