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Insurance solutions for the museum and gallery sector can be complex and challenging, particularly taking into account the peculiarities presented by Government Indemnity and how this impacts on the national museum and gallery sector. We have therefore developed working relationships with specialist underwriters to overcome these challenges and to accommodate the very individual needs of museums and galleries both national and independent.

Features available include:

  • All risks cover for collections both in situ and in transit.
  • Business interruption cover for specialist exhibitions including full cancellation risks and advanced profits cover.
  • The ability to provide a bespoke insurance solution built around the demands of Government Indemnity.
  • Terrorism cover including extensions to the public liability part of the programme.
  • Specialist cover arrangements to accommodate interactive developments within the museums business.
  • Bespoke public liability cover to accommodate claims brought by visitors and guests.
  • Specialist cover to accommodate the needs of your income generation activities including corporate events, guest exhibitions, and consulting work.

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

ABG Difference

Alan Boswell Group have been looking after the insurance interests of the National Museum and Independent Museum Sector for nearly 20 years and have available a dedicated team with specialist knowledge of the sector and a proven track record with Underwriters who also have an in-depth knowledge of the demands and needs of the Sector. Our facilities are designed to accommodate the needs of both the small independent museums and the large National Museum and Gallery sector.

Museums and Galleries Insurance in detail

The cover options available include:

  • Asset protection for both “owned” assets and collections.
  • Professional indemnity cover for consultancy work that is undertaken.
  • Business interruption insurance including, where required, the option to have the material damage condition waived that is normally applied for such cover.
  • Travel insurance for specialist personnel including, where required, to “no-go zones”.
  • Employers and public liability cover which extends to corporate events, overseas work, and conservation work both “in-house” and at third-party locations.
  • Transit insurance for UK and overseas movements of collections.
  • Trustees indemnity cover.


  • Yes, we frequently come across the issue of Government Indemnity and certain exemptions, but this does not prevent us from obtaining quotations for you albeit we would require details of any ‘claims’ that may have been paid or are outstanding in relation to the existing exemption arrangements.

  • Yes, we can arrange cover for both internal transits within the UK and also from the UK to overseas locations where required.  As far as the movement of a collection is concerned we would normally arrange this on an ‘agreed value’ basis to ensure that the compensation payable to you in the event of a loss meets with your expectations.  There would however be a need to have some in depth knowledge as to the proposed transportation method and packing method used for any movement of a collection.

  • Yes, this would normally be dealt with through the medium of professional indemnity insurance which accommodates the exposures presented by offering advice to third parties and where there is an allegation that the advice given was in some way incorrect or misleading.

  • Yes, but the standard cover is for forcible and violent entry to and from the premises and would not accommodate theft during opening hours.

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