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Latest News Alan Boswell Group Charitable Trust – Summer 2022 update

Alan Boswell Group Charitable Trust – Summer 2022 update

Alan Boswell Charitable Trust

The Alan Boswell Group Charitable Trust continues to deliver on its commitment to make a difference to charitable causes in the areas that we operate in. We wanted to provide an update on the difference our donations are making to some of the charities in the areas that we operate.

The Trust donated to 22 applicants in Q3 of 2022, totalling £119,122.

Here are some of the amazing impacts that our grants have been making:

Something To Look Forward To Something to look forward to

Something To Look Forward To focus on improving the quality of life for cancer patients and relieving the financial burden associated with having treatment for cancer by providing gifts, experiences, and essentials to patients and their families. With the donation of £3,500 they have purchased a caravan in Hunstanton, which up to 384 families a year will be able to use for a break. The funds will also be used for annual service charges, ground rent, pitch, utilities, and insurance.


Lincolnshire Rivers Trust

Lincolnshire Rivers TrustThe charity works to protect, restore, and enhance rivers and wetlands in Lincolnshire through the rehabilitation of wildlife habitats, natural flood management, and water quality improvement. The donation of £3,500 is being used to breed and release critically endangered European eels, in conjunction with six schools in the Grantham area. The project will teach children at these schools about the importance of river health and its wildlife, and they will be given a tank and elvers (baby eels) to look after before they are released.


Dogs Trust

Dogs TrustDogs Trust are the UK’s largest dog welfare charity and cares for approximately 14,000 dogs across its 21 rehoming centres. The £10,000 donation will be used to fund their Freedom Project, which supports around 250 families, and their dogs, to flee domestic abuse. As most refuges don’t accept pets, it can be difficult for  people experiencing domestic abuse to flee their abuser as there isn’t anywhere safe for them to go with their dog. The Freedom Project offers free foster care for the dog, so that the owner can access a refuge.


Fakenham Area Community First Responders

Ambulance response times in rural areas can be slower, leading to patients suffering worse outcomes. Community First Responders (CFRs) are vital in rural areas as they administer life-saving treatment while waiting for an ambulance. The donation of £10,000 has been used to purchase life-saving kits which include equipment that CFRs will use when treating patients.


Barford and Wramplingham Village Hall

The £10,000 donation will be used to revamp the village hall play area with new equipment for the playground.


Norfolk Community Foundation

Norfolk Community FoundationNorfolk Community Foundation works to build stronger communities and improve the lives of people in Norfolk by supporting over 2,000 smaller charitable groups in the area. The Trust has supported the Foundation previously and was visited by Sir Norman Lamb who shared the impact of the grant so far, and the Trust has donated an additional £25,000.


Handicapped Children’s Action Group

Handicapped Children's Action GroupThe charity provides specialist equipment to children with disabilities across the UK. The grant of £2,842 will be used to purchase specialist wheelchairs for three children in Norwich, Boston, and Cambridge.

You can find out more about The Alan Boswell Group Charitable Trust here.