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Latest News Alan Boswell Group Charitable Trust – Winter 2023 update

Alan Boswell Group Charitable Trust – Winter 2023 update

Alan Boswell Charitable Trust

The Alan Boswell Group Charitable Trust continues to deliver on its commitment to make a difference to charitable causes in the areas that we operate in. We wanted to provide an update on the difference our donations are making to some of the charities in the areas that we operate.

The Trust received over 50 applications and donated a total of £60,000 in the last quarter, along with match funding and fundraising events totalling £2,375.

Here are some of the grants that were made:

Chapter One

Chapter One work with local primary schools to understand the needs of each child and how well their reading is supported at home. £5,000 was donated to Chapter One to support and improve literacy skills of children aged 5-7 in disadvantaged communities.

Young People’s Counselling Service

The Christmas Dinner volunteer project host a Christmas day lunch for recent care leavers aged 18-25 who don’t have anyone to spend the day with. £1500 was donated to their 2023 lunch.

Safe At Home

Safe At Home are a Community Interest Company dedicated to enhancing the safety of individuals at high risk of post-separation abuse. A £2,000 grant will be used to fund the purchase and installation of CCTV & security equipment for 16 victims, offering added protection.

Memories are Golden

£5,000 has been donated to support their Community Hub in Haverhill, which provides a safe space for those living with dementia to socialise and build friendships, as well as providing meaningful activities, entertainment, and social events, to improve well-being and reduce feelings of isolation.

We also received some fantastic feedback from charities that have received donations from the Trust in the past:


The St. John & Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service

The St. John & Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service£5,000 donated in December 2022 has helped to support over 125 members of the Armed Forces Community in Cambridgeshire.

DMWS provide crucial support and deliver a range of practical and emotional support to individuals at the bedside during treatment and beyond, using expert knowledge of military and healthcare settings to build trust with beneficiaries. By working collaboratively to address the wider determinants of health, their service has promoted positive and sustainable recovery for those who have sacrificed so much by:

  • Improving primary and secondary care outcomes by 78% including improved experiences of healthcare, reduced anxiety/stress about treatment, improved discharge plans, and reduced likelihood of readmission
  • Reduced social isolation by 44% through enabled access to service/community groups, home-based practical support and community activities
  • Improved independent living outcomes for 18% by helping individuals to stay at home or be discharged quicker and securing funding for housing adaptations
  • Improved employment by 12% through support to reduce sickness absence and stress/anxiety associated with work


Scotty’s Little Soldiers

Scotty's Little Soldiers£5,000 donated in October 2022 has supported the delivery of 164 Scotty Breaks for 201 children and young people who have experienced the death of parent who served for the British Forces.

Scotty’s Breaks are aimed at reducing the impact of loneliness and isolation of members. Bereaved service children experience social isolation by virtue of the challenges associated with their bereavement. The loss of support from the armed forces community can feel even more acute, particularly as armed forces children will have to vacate their service family accommodation and often move school, losing access to their peers and friendship groups.

The Breaks enable bereaved families to take some time out and provide them with a safe place to regroup and talk. Families also benefit from time to remember the person that has died and adjust to their new structure and dynamic away from the home environment.


The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution£5,000 donated in 2023 used to support struggling farmers in Lincolnshire, for things such as helping with energy bills and supplying food packages.

There are many reasons why RABI is needed. People may be unable to work or are in difficulty due to ill-health or accident. The Rural Services Network & Citizens Advice’s report the Rural Cost of Living Survey 2023 found, after essentials , 60% of rural households have little income left and 16% have none left. Whether help with a mortgage or rent payment due to a cancer diagnosis, covering the costs of relief workers whilst recovering from an injury, or help with bills after an unexpected crisis, RABI helps people get people back on their feet after a crisis.

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