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Latest News Why do I need breakdown cover?

Why do I need breakdown cover?

Call Assist Breakdown Cover

On average we drive 800,000 miles during a lifetime so the chances that you’ll need roadside assistance are fairly high. Despite this, many people in the UK opt out of having breakdown cover, leaving them stressed, stranded and with a hefty garage bill if their car breaks down.

Heath Alexander-Bew, Director of Personal Lines, answers your questions about breakdown cover and explains why you really should have it.

What are the reasons to have breakdown cover?

Regardless of the vehicle age, any car could have a break down. This is particularly important if you regularly travel over long distances, as the more mileage you do, the more wear you’ll see on the car. The cost of recovering vehicles from a motorway could cost around £150 just to be towed, let alone being taken to a garage for repairs.

It’s not just the financial considerations though – without breakdown cover, you could find yourself stranded without help on the side of the road. While a car break down will always be stressful, knowing you can call a dedicated company to come and help will give you peace of mind that assistance is there if you need it.


What does your policy cover?

In simple terms, the policy covers roadside assistance. It includes recovery of the vehicle, getting passengers and the vehicle to anywhere in the UK – garage, home etc. Plus, it includes cover for driving in Europe.


Who is the breakdown company you use and why?

We work with Call Assist because they repair more than 75% of vehicles at the roadside. We believe this gives our customers reassurance and confidence that they’re dealing with a reputable company. 95% of their customers would recommend them after a breakdown, so we believe this offers our customers a reliable service when they need it most.


What does it cost?

For existing Alan Boswell Group clients with a private motor insurance policy, it costs just £69 per year. If you’re an existing Alan Boswell Group customer but don’t have a vehicle insured with us, we can sell the cover as a standalone policy at the slightly increased rate of £89.

We also provide breakdown cover for motorcycles and classic cars for existing customers. However, the classic car cover is slightly more expensive at £89 without European cover and £99 including European cover.


Can I pay by direct debit?

At the moment, our breakdown cover is only payable by monthly direct debit if it’s included with the motor insurance policy on the same renewal date.


Can I buy it at any time?

Yes, although in an ideal world we’d like to combine the renewal of both the vehicle insurance and the breakdown cover. If that’s not possible then it’s absolutely fine to still purchase cover from us.


Does the policy cover more than one vehicle?

Unfortunately not. Multiple vehicles would need to be insured on a fleet policy which is aimed at businesses. It’s probably worth pointing out that the policy provides cover only for the vehicle, not the driver or policyholder. Therefore, it does not transfer to another vehicle if the policy holder drives another vehicle.

There is no obligation to insure your vehicle with Alan Boswell Group. However, for us to be able to sell the breakdown cover to you must be an existing customer.


So, why should I go ahead and take out breakdown cover?

Our breakdown cover equates to less than £1.50 a week – that’s less than a cup of coffee – for peace of mind that, should your car break down in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar area, Call Assist will be there to help you, without hefty call-out charges.

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