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Gaming is big business in the UK – supported by a large number of games development companies.

And although every business is different, what remains the same is the need for protection from the risks your organisation faces. From glitches and software errors, to intellectual property breach and cyber crime, a bespoke package of insurance products can help keep your business moving.

Our team are specialists in arranging games developer insurance, working alongside organisations such as TIGA and UKIE:

  • Specialist cover
  • Risk management
  • In-house claims team

The ABG Difference

personal insurance

We’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes across the UK for more than 40 years, so we understand the challenges you face and the importance of providing independent, impartial and practical insurance advice. Our insurance specialists work with a select panel of insurers to ensure you have the right level of cover for your business – and provide expert advice – at a competitive price.

How our customers rate us

We as a team have worked closely with Alan Boswell Group for 5 years. We’ve always found that we get excellent, prompt service, and good advice on coverage, and they have access to a good range of insurance providers at very competitive rates. We’re happy to recommend them to provide insurance services to those in the technology sector.

Mark Fardell, Playfusion Ltd

Video Games Industry Insurance in detail

Our specialist video games industry insurance is very comprehensive and includes:

  • Cyber liability Cyber loss or damage, business interruption and extra expense, cyber theft, and cyber extortion.
  • Public and products liability Legal liability for bodily injury or damage to third-party persons or material property arising out of the activities of the business.
  • Breach of written and verbal contract Resulting from products and professional services not conforming to the agreed specifications, or the failure of products to perform the function or serve the purpose intended, including any resulting claim from a written contract giving rise to liquidated damages.
  • Unauthorised access Unauthorised access to a client network or to client data stored on the policyholders network or the inability of a third-party to access the policyholders network resulting from the failure of technology or communication products or services to prevent computer virus or hacking.
  • Defamation and product disparagement Defamation of any individual or commercial enterprise or product disparagement. This includes mental and emotional anguish.
  • Content liability, media content, user generated content Extends cover under the professional indemnity, breach of contract and fitness for purpose section. Includes websites, chat rooms, bulletin boards, blogs, etc. created by you the policyholder or which you may be deemed responsible for.
  • Privacy breach notification costs Privacy breach notification costs that you are legally obliged to incur or where reimbursement of the costs will effectively mitigate or void a claim under the policy or mitigate material damage to your brand or reputation.
  • Employers’ liability Statutory cover. Legal liability for death, bodily injury, or disease sustained by an employee in the course of their employment in the business.
  • Professional indemnity Civil liability for compensatory damages, claimants' legal costs and expenses, and defence costs and expenses. Includes negligent acts, errors and omissions in the provision of professional services by the insured or resulting in the failure of the product.
  • Fitness for purpose The failure of products or professional services to meet any statutory term implied into a written contract concerning the quality, fitness for purpose, or safety of such products or professional services.
  • Intellectual property rights infringement Infringement of intellectual property or misappropriation of trade secrets.
  • Breach of confidentiality and invasion of privacy Breach of confidentiality, invasion of privacy, or violation of any other personal information protected by law. Includes corporate information.
  • Business interruption Flexible first loss limit covering: gross revenue, increased cost of working, additional increased cost of working, project delivery costs, and research and development expenditure.

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