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Latest News Hiring out your motorhome: keeping your keys safe
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Hiring out your motorhome: keeping your keys safe

keeping campervan keys safe

No matter how careful we are, we’ve all been there: We’ve lost our keys and gone through a moment of mild-to-extreme panic. And your self-drive hire clients are likely to be just the same.

In most cases, the keys turn up, but there are instances where they’re harder to find and it becomes an issue, not least when you can’t get into your hired campervan.

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To avoid this happening, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to reduce the chances of this happening when hiring out your motorhome.

Make duplicate keys

While this is not ideal if your vehicle is out on hire and miles from home, it’s always useful to have a spare key for your motorhome in a safe place, just in case.

Brief your clients carefully

While this sounds patronising – and obvious – it doesn’t hurt to remind your clients not to leave keys unattended, especially in the ignition. If it helps, explain that if the vehicle is stolen while the keys are in the vehicle, it’s unlikely your insurer will pay your claim. Most clients will understand your concerns and make an effort.

Hand the keys over personally

While we’re sure you’d rather hand the keys over in person, so you can run through the need-to-know points, the chances are, there will be times when you can’t.

Enlist the help of someone you know and trust

If you can, enlist the help of someone you know and trust to give them a run down on the vehicle and the keys, rather than asking them to collect the key from an agreed drop-off point.

Track their movements

GPS luggage tags, which are readily available and relatively inexpensive to buy, may help. These can be attached to keyrings and their whereabouts can be accessed via an app on your phone.

Accessorise your keys

Pop a distinctive, eye-catching keyring onto your motorhome keys, to make it harder to lose them. You could even attach something buoyant, which will float if the keys are dropped in water.

Put your name on it

Another keyring-based idea is a tag that you can pop your name and phone number on, so they can be returned to you if they’re found.

If you’re just about to hire out your motorhome or campervan, take a look at our article about things to consider when starting a self-drive hire business.

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