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Latest News Safeguard your motorhome overseas

Safeguard your motorhome overseas

Overseas motorhome

With the holiday season already upon us, you’re likely to be in the midst of your busiest season. As the mercury begins to rise, so too does the demand for campervan hires. And it’s understandable, really. The call of the open road and the adventure of exploring new landscapes under blue skies and blazing sunshine is a tempting one.

Of course, if they want guaranteed sunshine, your clients may need to head further afield than the rolling hills of the British countryside. Many of your clients will yearn to cross the Channel in a hired motorhome or campervan to make the most of the weather. While your self-drive hire insurance with Alan Boswell Group will cover your vehicle for the risks of EU travel, there are some points to make your clients aware of before they set off on their journey.

Here are our top tips help your clients have a smooth motorhome holiday:

Pick your pitch wisely

Stay on campsites or Aires (motorhome stopovers on the Continent) that are both secure and monitored. If you have personal experience, you could suggest the names of reputable companies or websites as a good place to start. Plus, your clients will be grateful for the pointers if their plans aren’t fixed.

Suggest the names of reputable companies or websites

It might sound like common sense, but it’s worth reminding your clients to avoid parking in poorly lit areas. Not only will this help them stay safe when returning to the campervan, but it deters thieves too.

Unwanted stowaways

People trafficking has become more common in recent years and we have seen cases of motorhomes being impounded as a result. Any UK-registered vehicle is a target for people who want to cross the Channel. Make sure your clients are aware this is possible.

Petrol stations are hotspots for opportunists seeking to leave Europe. Your clients should take care to ensure that your motorhome is secure, with no opportunity for unwanted passengers to hide in the vehicle while it is unattended. While petrol stations tend to be safe, remind your clients to be vigilant.

As a safeguard, they should avoid refuelling less than 30km from any ports. Stopping the motorhome for any length of time, especially close to a port may provide an opportunity to stowaway in your vehicle.

Avoid refuelling less than 30km from any ports

Regular checks under the motorhome can also help them to spot stowaways, who may have found ways to travel beneath your vehicle.

Motorhome and campervan hire is a great way to escape the British weather and experience both freedom and adventure, but it’s also important your clients are aware of all the facts. A few handy tips explained before they embark on their journey could be enough to safeguard against disaster.

If you want to make sure your self-drive hire policy is suitable for international travel, give us a call today on 01603 649744. We’d be happy to help.

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