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Latest News Five reasons why you should use a Risk Management company

Five reasons why you should use a Risk Management company

Risk management adviser checking a business

There has never been more scrutiny in the way businesses manage their Health & Safety than in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every day seems to bring a new challenge, change in regulations or updated piece of guidance and, with the added stress of spot checks and the threat of hefty fines from the Health and Safety Executive, it can be hard to know how to keep up.

This is where a specialist risk management company comes in. With oversight by a team of experienced specialists, you can rest assured, confident in the knowledge that your people and business are safe.

Still not sure? Here are the top five reasons your business should consider using a Risk Management company:

1. It’s a legal requirement to have a ‘competent person’

As an employer, it is your legal duty to appoint a ‘competent person’ to look after your health and safety. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) defines a competent person as someone who “has sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities that allow them to assist you properly.”

“In our experience, it’s unlikely you’ll have an employee who meets this standard,” says Mike Farrow, Risk Management Adviser at Alan Boswell Risk Management. “You can invest money in training internally, and we can help with that if that’s what you want, but it actually often works out as a more cost-effective solution to appoint an external consultant.”

2. Ensures you’re kept up to date with the latest regulations, keeping you compliant

Regulations change often, especially in the uncertain situation we currently find ourselves in, and what might make you compliant one day could easily change the next. Avoid risking a large fine or even a lawsuit, by appointing an external consultant. “Legislation is always changing,” Says Mike. “But we always have access to the most up-to-date legislation. As soon as something is changed, we know about it, and we let our clients know if they need to make any changes because of it.”

3. Enhances company image and helps staff feel valued

Knowing that you’ve got appropriate measures in place will give your customers and suppliers confidence in working with you. Mike says: “If someone visits your business and sees your health and safety certificates on the notice board, they know straightaway that you take this seriously and want to do things right.” It’s not only your clients who will benefit; it can also help your staff feel valued, as it demonstrates to them that you consider their safety and well-being to be of the utmost importance. “It can really boost morale as your staff know you are invested in looking after them at work.” Says Mike.

4. Helps drive continuous improvement

An external consultant is interested in your risks, not in your business plan or goals. This means they can take an impartial view when looking at your risk management plan. “External consultants aren’t involved in the nitty gritty of the business. We’re not swayed by business demands so can see straight through to the point of what’s needed,” Says Mike. “So while we ensure you’re compliant, we can also help drive continuous improvement in your systems, reducing the risk of litigation and keeping your staff and business partners happy too.”

5. Provides you with ongoing support, whenever you need it

Whether you need regular health and safety support or just an occasional visit to check everything is ticking over, our consultants are there when you need them. “We work in partnership with our insured clients, offering a very ‘’hands on’’ service,” Says Mike. “Essentially, we provide the service of a fully qualified health and safety manager and that’s whether you need us often or only occasionally. We’re on the end of the phone, an email or can visit in person.”

There’s also support if you had a crisis, with our consultants there to support you in the process of managing a major incident. “If you have an incident, we’ll come out and help you navigate the situation. You know that you’ve got that expert advice, that backup to get the best results for you and your business.” Says Mike.

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